Why should I move out of my council house, asks £145,000 union boss: Bob Crow says he has ‘no moral duty to leave despite generous salary’

  • RMT general secretary lives with family in taxpayer-subsidised housing
  • Claimed he is being ‘victimised’ over his arrangements in radio interview
  • ‘I was born in a council house so I will die in one’, he said


Just 8,000 Bulgarians a year will move to UK, ambassador claims: But is it a dire underestimate, like Polish prediction?

  • Konstantin Dimitrov’s forecast is in stark contrast to the 50,000 estimate by pressure group Migrationwatch
  • It will be regarded as a woeful underestimate by experts considering between 8,000 and 10,000 Bulgarians already come to the UK every year
  • Ministers refuse to give their own forecast after the previous government got its figures so wrong


A five-nil drubbing for Sports Minister: Quiz failure MP can’t even name FA Cup winners

  • Helen Grant was given a surprise quiz during an interview
  • Failed to get any of the five questions right
  • Couldn’t name FA Cup winners or England rugby captain


RBS loans to small firms have fallen by £17bn since taxpayer-funded bailout

  • Bank effectively admits it has been too stringent over business loans
  • RBS loans dropped from £55billion to £38billion since taxpayer bailout
  • Bank also faces allegations it forced businesses to wall


£450m scheme for problem families to turn their lives around helps just 1,500 parents find work

  • Getting problem families into work costs £160,000 for every success
  • One in 50 jobless parents actually taken a job and held it for six months
  • Promised Troubled Families programme would save taxpayers billions


Fury as Government’s environmental case for HS2 runs to massive 50,000 pages – with just 60 days to read it

  • Ministers given until January 26 for campaigners to read consultation report
  • Council leaders say ministers are treating public with ‘contempt’
  • Government set to face legal challenges as the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) said the tight timescale ‘is likely to breach international law’


European Parliament approves plan for ‘social police’ that would lay foundations for the EU controlling benefit payments

  • The plan will create ‘social scoreboard’ to rate countries on social matters
  • They include poverty-levels, health care, benefits and housing policy
  • Furious Tory MEPs claim EU is angling to be ‘Europe’s social conscience’
  • They claim EU wants to appropriate powers to supervise and intervene over the way member states deal with social problems’


Another woman MP joins the Tory exodus: Party braced for at least six who were only elected in 2010 to quit ahead of election

  • Laura Sandys MP for South Thanet announced she is quitting in 2015
  • Ukip claims she was ‘scared’ after Nigel Farage said he may stand for seat
  • Cabinet source says party fear ‘half a dozen’ of 2010 intake may opt out


Deported Romanian who returned to rape is jailed for eight years at taxpayers expense

A ROMANIAN who was deported but returned to rape a woman waiting for a bus home after a night out has been jailed for eight years.


If Britain leads in Europe then Germany will follow

BRITAIN and Germany have the two least sickly major economies in Europe and although vacancies are in short supply in each, job prospects are nonetheless far better than in the likes of France or Spain.


It is best to speak the truth even on delicate subjects

I SHUDDERED when I read Dominic Grieve’s comments about corruption being “endemic” in Britain’s Pakistani community. Not because his comments struck me as racist but because we have become used to politicians treading so carefully on any issue that could be construed as related to race that it is disarming to hear the Attorney General speak so frankly.


Bulgarian and Romanian migrants ‘will help economy’

European Commission claims Romanians and Bulgarians moving to Britain will help the economy, and warns David Cameron against plans to restrict migrants’ access to benefits


HS2 bill literally ‘weighs a tonne’ complain campaigners

Campaigners are enraged that they will only have 56 days to read and respond to a 50,000-page Government document on HS2 that would weigh one tonne if it was printed out.


Are the European Commission really anti-EU sleeper agents?

It’s as though they’re secret agents, in the employ of Better Off Out: the European Commission has responded to the nation’s concerns over the coming influx of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants to the UK … by lecturing us that overall the impact of their arrival will be “positive”. They will work! They will pay tax! They’re allowed to come anyway according to the rules of Union, so shaddapyouface!


Instead of voting to decide which clique gets to sit on the No10 sofa, we need to change the system

Douglas Carswell

Conservative Home

The Alex Salmond prize for fairy tales

Guido Fawkes

Hawked Off: ‘Cry Baby Bruce’ is Behind Ed’s Media Strategy

City AM

Coalition caps payday lenders

CHANCELLOR George Osborne announced a surprise cap on payday loan costs yesterday, turning the government’s previous policy towards the short-term lending firms on its head.


Michael Gove admits Government should spend more cash on poor pupils

The top Tory said there was a “fundamental problem” with schools because they do not do enough for children from deprived families


Energy firm RWE npower axes £4bn UK windfarm amid political uncertainty

UK’s green plans dealt blow by shelving of Atlantic Array, which would have powered 1m homes and created thousands of jobs

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