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Nurse refused to clean up sick… because she went to university: Labour MP’s report into shocking standards of care

  • Nurses are ignoring desperately ill patients and their relatives, says report
  • In one case, a nurse told patient’s husband: ‘I’m a graduate. I don’t do sick’
  • In another, a relative had to wait until staff had finished bidding on eBay
  • Ann Clwyd based report on 2,500 patient, relative and staff accounts
  • Last year, she told how her husband had died in hospital ‘like a battery hen’

Duncan Smith blasts BBC for ‘bedroom tax’ bias: Work and Pensions Secretary accuses corporation of promoting Labour’s views in furious letter

  • Iain Duncan Smith said in letter that BBC was misleading viewers
  • Former immigration minister Damian Green also wrote to corporation bosses
  • Documents were released under Freedom of Information laws
  • Growing pressure on BBC from Tories angered by its perceived bias

Unite boss whose Labour activities triggered shock closure of Grangemouth QUITS just days after plant was saved when union caved in

  • Stevie Deans investigated for spending company time on Labour business
  • Row triggered union threats and led Iseos to announce plant closure
  • Unite backed down on Friday in a bid to save 800 jobs at Grangemouth
  • Mr Deans implicated in the row over Labour selecting a candidate in Falkirk

Labour ‘is playing politics with prosperity over HS2’: Transport Secretary claims plans will face axe unless party backs them

  • Patrick McLoughlin will say Labour is depriving North of economic benefits
  • New plans unveiled showing how railway could extend to Scotland
  • Report says abandoning HS2 could lead to 14 years of delays elsewhere

‘We must say no to giving work to immigrants just because our young people aren’t up to the job’: Cameron’s anger at factories staffed by foreigners

  • Prime Minister said he did not ‘blame’ Eastern Europeans who flock to UK
  • Compared ‘can do’ attitude of foreign workers with young Brits
  • Half of factory workers are from overseas, Cameron says
  • 15% of all people in work are non-UK nationals
  • British jobless must get into the habit of work, PM warns

Taxman urged to take firms like Google and Amazon to court amid warning £35billion in uncollected tax is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

  • HMRC bosses accused of being ‘chronically incapable’ of collecting all tax
  • Official tax gap does not include millions which global firms could owe
  • Public accounts committee says HMRC should make some ‘show cases’ to test loopholes

Newspapers begin legal battle over MPs’ ‘unfair, unlawful and irrational’ plan to control Press

The newspaper and magazine industry last night launched a legal challenge against plans to impose a Royal Charter written by politicians to regulate the Press.


Energy firms ‘not telling truth about costs’ to justify big bills

ENERGY bosses face tough questioning from MPs today after new figures showed profit margins more than doubled over the past year while industry costs barely rose.

Illegal immigrant bouncer escapes deportation TWICE before raping a woman in her home

AN illegal immigrant was twice spared from being deported before raping a woman in in her own home.

Election discrimination ‘neglected’

An equalities watchdog has been accused by politicians of a “dereliction of duty” over a lack of action to prevent discrimination during election campaigns.

Anger as Big Six energy giants pocket £80m in EU grants…to research wind farms

THE Big Six energy giants strangling Britain’s households with massive fuel bills this winter are also pocketing vast sums of free money from Brussels in the form of EU grants–including cash from its foreign aid budget.


Britain must say ‘no’ to eastern European workers, says Cameron

The Prime Minister says young Brits cannot “fully” compete with hard-working immigrants from Eastern Europe

Gibraltar dispute is a ‘serious concern’, says David Cameron

David Cameron has said he is “seriously concerned” about the escalation of tensions over the border between Spain and Gibraltar.

Blair criticises Ed Miliband for lacking experience outside politics

Tony Blair said MPs should work normal jobs before entering politics to give them a better overview of how the world works

Lobbying bill ‘could undermine democracy’

David Cameron’s moves to curb the power of lobbyists could “undermine the very fabric of democracy” a report claims.


Big Six energy producers under fire over excessive profits ahead of grilling by MPs

Report accuses firms of artificially inflating prices through lack of competition

Conservative Home

What powers does Cameron want back for Britain?

Lord Ashcroft: How the Conservatives could gain traction in Scotland

Guido Fawkes

Pro-EU Group British Influence’s UKIP Charity Stitch Up
Party Demand Charity Commission Investigates

The cross-party pro-EU group “British Influence” – backed by Danny Alexander, Kenneth Clarke and Peter Mandelson – has written privately to a charity to ask for their help campaigning against UKIP in the European elections next year.


David Cameron blasted for ‘lazy stereotyping’ of Britain’s young people and blaming them for not having jobs

The Prime Minister has been criticised by union leaders for suggesting young people were to blame for migrant workers taking jobs

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