Scots like the PM… but won’t vote Tory: Cameron’s growing in popularity but should develop more powers to win over electorate says peer

  • Conservative party ‘should offer to hand more powers to Edinburgh, including full fiscal responsibility’ says Lord Aschroft
  • His report highlighted that the Conservatives had just one MP in Scotland

Ministers scale back claims for economic benefit of HS2 route… but insist it will still repay £2.30 for every £1 spent

  • Patrick McLoughlin warns North could be deprived of economic benefits
  • New plans unveiled showing how railway could extend to Scotland
  • Report says abandoning HS2 could lead to 14 years of delays elsewhere

Areas outside London will become a ‘rust belt’ without a High Speed rail line to tackle the north-south divide, ministers claim

  • Patrick McLoughlin will say Labour is depriving North of economic benefits
  • New plans unveiled showing how railway could extend to Scotland
  • Report says abandoning HS2 could lead to 14 years of delays elsewhere

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw joins calls for Labour to reopen its Unite union vote-rigging probe

  • Jack Straw urge Ed Miliband to follow up fresh evidence over rigging
  • Emails suggest Unite thwarted initial investigation into claims
  • Labour sources say Miliband cannot act until he has seen all emails

It needed a fighty little Irishman to turn up the heat

QUENTIN LETTS listens to an underpowered grilling of the Big Six bosses

Ministers’ secret meeting to curb the Press

Quit the EU? UK voters don’t even know we’re in it, claims watchdog

THE wording of the referendum on EU membership should be changed – because some voters are ­unaware Britain is a member, according to the elections watchdog.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt suffers ‘humiliating’ court defeat over hospital cutback plan

CUTS to a successful London hospital will not go ahead after the Court of Appeal ruled today Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt does not have the power to implement them.

Time to get energy prices under firm control

HALF a dozen dominant energy suppliers who appear to hunt as a pack and delight in feasting on the contents of their customers’ wallets are in big trouble today.

Slash those pension fees, Minister!

PENSIONS are complicated, with savers often unable to fathom what they can bank on their investments being worth when they come to retire and what the annual fees they pay will add up to.

NHS foreigner charge ‘opens floodgates to criminal gangs’

Plans to charge migrants and foreign students £200 to access the NHS will be “extraordinary attractive” to health tourists, including organised crime, doctors warn

As an MP, I want to vote against HS2. But I can’t

My every instinct makes me want to vote against HS2; the cost, the corporate vested interests lined up behind it, the Whitehall group-think.

But I cannot. Why?

On page 23 of the Conservative manifesto, on which I stood for election in 2010, is a straight forward promise to support the ruddy thing.

Labour has its sights trained on the laurel hedges of the suburbs

The Labour Party is targeting all its resources at a small group of voters who can swing the general election vote

Barclays faces investigation into currency trading manipulation

Barclays adds name to series of banks involved in currency trading probe, which is thought could become a scandal on a par with Libor manipulation, while posting a rise in profits

Energy companies ‘turning their noses up’ at Parliament and consumers, says MP

Labour committee member makes the comment after five of the Big Six energy companies refuse to send their bosses to face MPs

Dan Hannan Q&A

Daniel Hannan, the Tory MEP who makes some Ukippers look like Ted Heath, is also a brilliant Telegraph blogger with love of constitutional history and a passion for Shakespeare that means he can’t buy a bus ticket without quoting the Bard. Dan will be with us on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 till 3:15. You can ask Dan a question in advance by submitting a comment below or tweeting at us using the hashtag #askHannan

Should there be a windfall tax on energy companies’ profits? Should the police have to wear cameras?

Both Conservatives and Labour share the blame for tower blocks

It is not true that everyone supported the construction of municipal tower blocks, failing to understand what a disaster they would prove.

Khan’t You See the Problem Here?

Parliament’s rules couldn’t be clearer – you cannot use taxpayer-funded parliamentary facilities for party political campaigning. Someone should tell the mystery Labour MP who had some nine boxes of Unison-printed leaflets delivered to the Portcullis House sorting office this weekend.

15 Facts That Reveal The Utter Insanity Of Britain’s Housing Market

Or why you will never be able to buy a house.

Supreme court to make final ruling on Poundland case

Judgment to be passed on dispute between Department for Work and Pensions and Cait Reilly over ‘workfare’ schemes

The UK supreme court will hand down judgment on Wednesday morning in what is expected to be the final chapter in a long-running dispute between the Department of Work and Pensions and former jobseeker Cait Reilly over the legality of so-called workfare schemes.


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