News review

UKIP – Nigel says “Yes” to a debate with Nick Clegg on LBC radio. Will Cameron and Miliband be brave enough to do the same? 


Sky News

Ukraine: Protesters Fire On Police In Kiev

– Storms Caused Years Of Erosion In A Few Weeks


Daily Telegraph

Ukraine’s bloodiest day ​

‘The worst flood damage could have been prevented’ 

Labour pledge may leave us in the dark 

Editorial: Lib Dem desperation


Daily Express

Clegg challenges UKIP leader to public debate 

Stephen Pollard: Clegg will come off worse if he takes on Farage 


Daily Mail

– Could Met Office have been more wrong?

– NHS boss ignored email that warned of high death rates 

– UK faces £300m fine for pollution 


The Times (£)

Fracking can save planet on the cheap, says Osborne 

Cuts are driving people to food banks, claims Welby

– Lib Dems get tough on EU migrants

Young Britons are EU’s least enthusiastic voters


The Guardian

Proposals to charge for benefits appeals revealed in leak

Labour champions American-style election day registration of voters

Clegg calls on Farage to face him live debate on EU

Call for 10,000 new magistrates to work in police stations says Policy Exchange


The Independent

‘Suppressed’ government report reveals truth about food banks 

Europe launches legal action against Britain over deadly air pollution


Financial Times

Bankers fear victory of populists in EU elections (article regarding potential success of UKIP)


The Sun

Nothing to Crow about as striking rail union plays the stock market. RMT makes fortune from share deals. Paid no corporation tax despite £2m income​ 


Daily Events

House of Commons

– In Recess


House of Lords

– In Recess



SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Chancellor George Osborne and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney attending G20 Finance and Central Bankers meeting.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE: David Cameron to meet Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

– Public sector borrowing figures for January are published by the Office for National Statistics.

– Bedroom tax ruling. Court of Appeal judges announce their decision in an action by five disabled tenants who have asked the court to declare the Government’s so-called “bedroom tax” regulations unlawful.

– Ruling in an appeal by single mothers and their children against a High Court decision that the Government’s flagship “benefit cap” policy is lawful. Two judges ruled new capping regulations introduced by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith did not breach human rights laws and were not disproportionate.

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