Now we know!  See today’s headlines in the MSM: Theresa May and her remainer colleagues have indeed sold us out yesterday at Chequers.

You can read the actual text of the communique for example in this report. It is quite obvious that this is the BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) we all feared. It is indeed a capitulation, as this report points out. Brexiteers are angry – see the various articles in The Express today.  Some prominent Tory Brexiteers are not just criticising this Cabinet Plan but threaten to vote against it (see Jacob Rees Mogg here, for example), but we ask them: what are you going to do about it? More lovely words and headlines achieving nothing much except get you into the headlines?

What baffles me is – why did the Brexiteer Cabinet members not resign? And why does Ms May and the Remoaners think we and the EU will now live happily ever after?

Let’s take the first one: why are the Goves and Johnsons, why are the Davis, Foxes et al still sitting there? Do they not know that they have now lost all credibility? That they have shown us that they prefer staying glued to their privileged seats rather than stand up for Brexit? That their supine performance now tells us that their Brexit Campaign for Leave two years ago was just a political scam to gain personal power?

Do they still not realise that all of us Brexiteers voted Leave because we did not buy the lies of the politicians from Cameron down? That we did not and do not respect those who use the vital affairs of this, our country, as political football to keep their trotters in the trough?

Obviously not!

Allegedly Ms May threatened Boris Johnson with dismissal from his post as Foreign Secretary if he didn’t submit (see here). Well, he’s still in the Foreign office, isn’t he … Mr Davis is still ‘Brexit Minister’, isn’t he … Mr Liam Fox is still … as is Mr Gove …

We can assume that Ms May told her cabinet ‘my way or the Highway’ – and they meekly submitted. But they did go home to plot: apparently the Brexiteer Cabinet members did meet and talked amongst themselves yesterday evening.

So will we see the Tory government unravel in the next few days? Will Ms May have to demand a vote of confidence? Will she lose? Or will everybody go home for the summer holidays?

Here is another and far worse aspect to this despicable sell-out document: it is always interesting and indeed significant to take note when your enemies praise what you’ve been doing. It surely should give even Ms May pause for thought when for example the CBI, one of the foremost Remoan institutions, praises her Chequers Paper. But far worse is the Barnier quote:

“Barnier tweeted that the proposals were welcome, but that they would have to be assessed “to see if they are workable & realistic in view of [European Council] guidelines.”

We’ve watched the EU as represented by M Barnier treat us, a sovereign country, and our government, as elected by us as sovereign people, like unruly school kids who are incapable of doing their homework properly. Everything Ms May’s government has propsoed has been brushed aside as ‘not good enough’. Doesn’t this bother anyone in Government, Whitehall, the metro-establishment?

We all have seen how Ms May, how our Brexit negotiators, have been humiliated again and again – all except those Whitehall Remain serpents like Ms May’s Ollie Robbins who, as unelected civil serpent, has become her Brexit negotiator, stabbing her own Brexit minister in the back – repeatedly. Doesn’t this bother the Leave Cabinet ministers one little bit?

We’ve watched how Ms May has been selling out our Fisheries, how she is now selling us out to the EU in regard to a customs border … so that ‘perishable food stuff does not get held up’ at border crossings. How caring! As for immigration – well, she’s going to be hard but soft all in one go. And she is keeping us tied to the ECJ – one of the main points why we voted Leave. We all might as well not have bothered voting for Brexit!

And now we should put our hopes in that handful of Tory Brexiteers? When their Cabinet representatives have caved in to Ms May? Really?

And what about our own Nigel Farage? He’s on record as saying he’ll come back into front-line politics should Brexit be sold out. So what will he do now? Give up his job at LBC?

But there’s worse: this sell-out will be a 24-hour-wonder, sunk without a trace in the MSM. There’s the best summer for decades to write about – a summer which most people are enjoying to the hilt – and why not! – while disregarding politics. Then there’s the World Cup which has the nation glued to their TVs – and why not! Brazil is out! Perhaps it is ‘coming home’? Politics are taking a backseat in the Nation’s consciousness. Our ‘masters’ are utilising that to drive their sell-out through and we are impotent to do anything about it.

We will not forget though, and should it indeed come to pass that there’s a confidence vote with an ensuing General Election then we can present our reckoning the only way we have: at the ballot box. I do hope all branches have followed Gerard’s “Red Alert” and have started preparations for a GE. If not – do it now!

Oh – and there’s always one silver lining to even the blackest of black clouds. It’s reported that work in Whitehall is going ahead for a no-deal hard Brexit. Let’s hope there are some patriots in those august halls who are as sickened by the humiliating way the EU has treated our sovereign country as we Brexiteers are. Perhaps the EU in their hubris do what they have done so far: thwarting even this sell-out for the sake of humiliating us, thus making clear even to the blindest of remoaners that there’s only one way left: the hardest of Brexits, the ‘No Deal’ Brexit. 


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