It’s the time of year where news is petering out because everybody is into doing Christmassy things, from buying presents to getting and preparing food to attending all sorts of parties. It’s also the time of year where people sing more, and where links to songs are posted all over the internet. So I’ll be doing this here – with a little twist, but please bear with me!

There are reports about a new poll just out, showing how many of us Brits would vote to get out of the EU.

Here’s one of them – including an elegant little swipe at UKIP, where the author expresses astonishment that about a third of UKIP members would apparently not go to vote … or something. Still, it is a very interesting and encouraging result to get on with: nearly 47% percent of us voting to leave, were the referendum held tomorrow.

Now we’re obviously not alone in the EU in our desire to leave. The different parties in our European Parliament group – the EFDD – shows that nicely. The parties in the Scandinavian countries, which used to be in our group before they were nicked by the Tories, are registering a rise in their polls as well as we over here.

There are continuing rumbles about Monsieur/Herr Juncker, who survived a vote of no confidence, thanks to the German votes spread across the political spectrum. Of course, nobody in our own MSM thought it necessary to point out that it was UKIP and the EFDD who demanded that vote, but that’s just business as usual here.

Are you still bearing with me? Good.

Because all the above shows that the people of Europe, the actual citizens of the various countries making up this entity, are increasingly unhappy. More and more voices can be heard hoping for a quick demise of the EU.

It won’t come as a huge surprise to you then that a huge multitude of people, here and in the EU, feel suppressed and want out, the sooner the better.

Since Brussels has taken it upon themselves to present us with an EU Hymn, namely the “Ode to Joy”, by the German composer Beethoven and the German poet Schiller, I think it is time that we, the people of Europe, get to choose our song to show how we feel about Brussels and the EU.

Staying with a classical theme, and bowing to our Italian colleagues in the EFDD, my suggestion is the famous prisoner chorus from Nabucco.

This is the best recording – a marriage of Italian musicality and German precision: – in a sense the expression of true European communality, not marred by the dead hand of Brussels.

Of course, if you think we’re not oppressed, our countries are not being destroyed, and all is well, then just enjoy the fine music by Verdi!

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