It feels as if we’ve been inundated for months with claims of female victims having experienced inappropriate sexual advances, all the way up to rape, by men in ‘high positions’, globally.

In case you’ve forgotten, it started with accusations against the most powerful Hollywood producer Weinstein – yes, he was a sleazebag, as they say across the Big Pond. Next there was the infamous hashtag #Metoo. Next, that hashtag, like a real-life virus, crossed over to Europe, with the difference that it ‘infected’ politicians and political institutions. Suddenly Brussels and Strasbourg seemed to be heaving with ‘sex pests’.

Finally it crossed the Channel, infecting the Tory Party. Now we have the first resignation of a Tory Minister, who is reported to have said:

Sir Michael Fallon said that his conduct may have fallen below the standards now expected of those in public life. He did not detail his misdemeanours but said that the “culture has changed over the years”.

Too right it has, Mr Fallon – there’s no Statute of Limitation for having ‘touched inappropriately’ some female knee years ago! That is of course far worse than actual, physical grooming and gang raping of white underage girls. That needed no investigation over decades. Just look up Rotherham …

But this is no Profumo Mk II affair. No Russian spies involved  unless you believe that Putin made everybody do this even when he wasn’t yet the PM of Russia. There are however some rather interesting aspects to this sudden outbreak of Harvey-Weinsteinitis everywhere, from Hollywood to Westminster.

For example, these attacks happened years ago, and happened, moreover, to powerful ladies, from ‘Hollywood Royalty’ to EU Commissioners. All those ladies, more powerful, surely, than white underage girls, said nothing at the time, to no-one! We’re not talking of the 1950s here, dear readers, we’re talking of the late 1990s and early 2000s, where, according to my recollection, we already had a generation of feminists who were speaking out about rape.

So what has changed and why?

Generally, there’s the ‘Third Wave” of feminists which has changed the quality of public discourse. Just as ‘hate speech’, especially online, is now occupying our police forces more than actual, physical crime, with one ‘offended’ person being sufficient for prosecution, now knee-touching is taken to be just like actual, physical rape.

What also strikes me is that the ladies who’ve been exposed to sexual harassment by politicians (MPs and MEPs) have generally, apparently, refrained from informing their colleagues and superiors. In the private and public sector all employees have the right to bring sexual harassment accusations against the office sex pest. They have been doing so for years, with financial damages being paid to them. So why not against politicians? And again – why now?

This is where things become interesting for us in the UK.

Following the MSM, it would seem that such sex pests were confined to the Tory Party exclusively. Names of those Tory MPs and Cabinet ministers were published. If I were cynical, I’d say there’s an agenda here – more on that below – but for the moment let’s just assume that LibLab politicians have already been emasculated by the ‘powerful wimmin’ in their Parties. But wait, there’s this report:

“Bex Bailey, 25, said senior Labour figures told her not to report the attack by a fellow activist at a Party event six years ago because it could damage her political career.”

How interesting! So here we have an actual rape allegedly having taken place and Labour, the fighter for women’s rights, shush the whole thing up? No name of the rapist given? Do we really believe that someone in the MSM doesn’t have that name? Pull the other one!

Then there’s this report of yet another MP assaulting a female. That report is important because we learn that there’s a dossier of Tory sex pests circulating amongst the media, begging the immediate questions:

* Is there a dossier of LibLab MPs circulating as well – and if not, why not?

* Neither name nor party affiliation of this MP is given. Assuming that it would’ve been if that had been a Tory – who was it? Which Party? This allegation is a bit more serious, isn’t it, than ‘inappropriately touching my knee’.

Suddenly certain suspicions don’t seem to be too far fetched, given the year-long activities of the Remoaners to scupper Brexit: they want another General Election, with Corbyn in No 10 who will, so they hope, make Brexit vanish and keep us in their beloved EU – and never mind the sex pests in Labour. You don’t believe this? Look at the evidence:

  • Tory sex pest dossier circulating in the wake of #Metoo-ism, but not of the MPs on the opposite side of the House.
  • First Tory Minister already resigning, another one ‘under investigation’, and rumours of more to come.
  • Labour MPs as pure as the driven snow and who cares about the odd rape here and there amongst them: no crime if there’s no accuser.
  • Rumours of Labour ‘No Confidence’ vote in the House being prepared.
  • General Election before 2018 …

Worse: there are more Remainers in both parties than Leavers, and there’s an unholy coven of remainers-who-are feminists in the Tory Party – feminists who have more in common with their female ‘colleagues’ on the opposite benches than their male colleagues.

Moreover, because Appeaser May only knows how to appease, it’s possible that we might see a female Minister of Defence. After all, what do the Tory MPs who actually served in the Armed Forces know about the Armed Forces … look how well a female Defence Minister worked for the Germans … not!

And we in UKIP are still fighting each other like ferrets in a sack! We’re still waiting for “A Leader” to lead us because we ourselves feel we are incapable of writing to the papers, phone in at radio programmes, use social media, or talk to our neighbours!

Time to start the attack on the Westminster Establishment and their lapdog MSM again: without UKIP there would’ve been no Brexit in 2016 – without UKIP now, starting today, Brexit will surely be lost, so let’s get cracking and work to save Brexit, even if we only have thin air and frazzeld shoestrings to keep us going in that fight.


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