The local elections are a magnificent result for UKIP to which the other parties are responding as one. Their condescending line appears to view the sea change in public opinion as if we had sneaked up behind them and stolen their lollypop which will be returned just as soon as mum finds out.

Typical platitudes embrace a range of supercilious attitudes, all of which suggest that they must do better, they will now listen to our concerns or that they failed to properly communicate their message. They still don’t get it. The mass of people who voted UKIP in these local elections and who have given their support in the EU elections don’t want the two and a half main parties to do better, we don’t want you at all!

Long term failures by an elitist party or combination of parties willing to subvert our sovereignty to unaccountable bureaucrats whilst demonstrating deceit, incompetence and a complete disregard of anyone not in their club might be a good start but lest we forget how bad our rulers are how about one or two reminders of the morally corrupt political elite?

The Liberal Democrats

Hopefully they will continue their rapid decline and one has to say it is well deserved. Nick Clegg will never overcome his David Brent moment.

“The bad news is that although all you students voted for us because we promised no tuition fees, we are going to do the exact opposite, but the good news is that I’m deputy prime minister, hooray for me.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough their principle objectives when in a position of some power was a) to insist on a self indulgent and subsequently embarrassing referendum on a voting system that would simply benefit them electorally and b) House of Lords reform which, surprisingly and quite fortuitously would also benefit them in the same way.

Further examples though by no means an exclusive list might include:

  1. A subsequent betrayal of their coalition partners regarding overdue and necessary changes to constituency boundaries.
  2. A plethora of unsavoury Liberal Democrats (formerly national treasures), past and present, now exposed as paedophiles and harassers of the sexual variety and all done without anyone else noticing.  After all, as explained by David Steel, “he was only spanking bottoms”.
  3. The lies and deceit displayed purely to protect their electoral image whilst presided over by the intoxicated former leader Charles Kennedy.
  4. The mind boggling re-appointment of David Laws, the expenses fiddler, as a Minister of the Crown when he should be in prison.

The ever self interested and duplicitous Liberal Democrats may begin to get some idea why nobody trusts them any more.

The Labour Party

Having crashed the economy in spectacular fashion they were always going to have a hard time convincing the electorate to trust them with the keys of the safe again. This severe disadvantage hasn’t been helped when the same people who advised and supported former leader Gordon Brown expect us to believe that if only they could drive the car themselves everything would be so much better.

As if it weren’t difficult enough they managed to appoint the most inappropriate person as leader who has shown that he was prepared to do anything to get the job. No brotherly love lost here so we know that Ed’s priorities lie firstly with himself.

Having no real idea of how to govern or what policies to present we’ve now been treated to a dramatic spectacle with policies from Hogwarts economics department. Apparently Ed has a magic wand.

  • ‘GasusElectricus Rigomortico’; Energy prices will remain unmoved, frozen in time and detached from economic reality.
  • ‘Rentus Immobilarius’; Rents will no longer reflect their cost base and remain static forever.
  • ‘Usicus or Losicus’; From land which is un-built upon but available affordable accommodation will miraculously spring forth. No builders or finance required.

And so on.

Even hardened Labour voters will have a hard time swallowing this tripe so the combination of past failures with no vision for the country whatsoever the Labour party not only has nothing to offer but has the geekiest and most untrustworthy leader attempting to present this emptiness as something substantial. (Ed’s note to self: “I must not pretend to know people I should know but have never heard of.”)

The Conservative Party

I have been a long term Conservative supporter but this lot have lost the plot. They above all others maintain the patronising expectation that Conservatives alone are forever deserving of political power, failing to recognise that in a democracy anything can happen.

David Cameron seems to be a man short on principle and vision. I do not see him as politically corrupt in the way that the last Labour government certainly was but he is floundering in deep water with little upon which to secure a firm footing. He seems to want to be what everyone wants him to be, scared of upsetting anyone, to timid to take a principled stance. To add to this perception he has been unusually adept at surrounding himself with very suspect characters some of whom currently grace a local dock. Personally I want a leader to lead and be clear about their vision for the future but with the current Conservative party and the capable but not entirely trustworthy David Cameron we do not have that.

To be fair the coalition, severely hampered by the attention-seeking and duplicitous Liberal Democrats, has started to balance the books but that would have had to have been done by any party. Perhaps they have made some progress but nowhere near enough and along the way have added problems to the mix as well as addressing some but seem to remain unaware that we know they are saying one thing and doing another.

Tax avoidance, bordering on and often crossing the line of legality, has been made significantly easier to do by boy George whilst publicly declaring to be striving in the other direction. Vince the hapless old fool sounds convincing but screwed up the post office privatisation by taking advice from the people who wanted to buy it. Gay marriage, a subject about which I am ambivalent, was never the most pressing and important agenda item yet it was rushed through leaving the rather odd situation whereby heterosexual relationships have fewer legal rights than homosexual ones;  i.e. no civil partnerships for straights.

However and fundamentally the single issue they seem unable to agree on as a party is our desperately damaging membership of the European Union. The public are, at last, beginning to understand the real nature of this political empire based upon unaccountability, profligacy and flawed concepts that severely restrict our right to self govern and trade freely with the entire world. Most importantly we must retain the ability to change our government at a stroke; after all that is the only way UKIP can overturn the status quo. This must happen as the referendum ‘promise’ given by David Cameron simply will never happen unless UKIP has an influential presence in parliament.

Half the Conservative party want us to leave the EU yet the ruling elite in that party see, for themselves, greatness and a larger stage upon which to perform. They are perhaps frightened that the UK as an independent nation won’t thrive in the world as we have always done before so in that sense the current political elite have no faith in our nation and that is an idea I find very depressing.

The job, then, has only just started and now we need a clear vision and sound policies to show where we could be after five years of a UKIP government. If any time could be called right then this is it. We must not screw it up.

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