UKIP has launched a new thrust to get us out of the EU.

Called ‘Out Now’, the campaign lays out the concessions made by PM Theresa May and Brexit secretary David Davis in the negotiations with Michel Barnier and other EU talkers.  And it conspicuously fails to mention any concessions made by the EU – were there any?

The campaign warns senior politicians, has-been politicians and avid remainers that the party will not stand idly by while the country – and the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU – are stitched up.

The UKIP website, where the campaign has been launched, says:

On 23 June 2016 the British people voted by a majority of 1.3 million to Leave the EU. It was the largest democratic decision ever taken in this country.

The Government was charged with negotiating our exit, by March 2019. They have met the EU’s demands at every stage, offering to:

  • Extend their control over us by several years
  • Keep paying them billions every year
  • Keep our borders open for years more
  • And give their court a right to meddle in our laws

The Labour and Lib-Dem parties both go along with this.

Still, the EU will not start negotiating in good faith. They want to punish us for taking our country back.

We say enough is enough. We should be OUT NOW.

We should repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, withdraw from the negotiations and invite the EU to come back when they are ready to talk sensibly about mutual trading arrangements.

Only pressure from UKIP forced the Government to give us a referendum. Only pressure from UKIP got our country back. Only pressure from UKIP can make sure it happens now.

Send a message to the Government now, by signing up to support the OUT NOW campaign. Tell Mrs May, Mr Corbyn, Mr Blair and Mr Clegg this:

“We want to be fully out of the EU by March 2019, controlling our own borders, making our own laws, and spending our money on ourselves. No payment of ransom, no more open borders, no UK jurisdiction for European courts, no ‘transition’ period.

Do it, or we will punish your parties at the ballot box.”

The website gives options to support the OUT NOW campaign, join the UKIP People’s Army to ensure Brexit happens, find out more about the OUT NOW campaign and make a donation to the campaign.

Writing in the Express, Patrick O’Flynn MEP said: “I urge you to get involved in the campaign which argues for an early repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act and for no further period of transition or delay after our scheduled leaving date of March 2019.”

To email the Prime Minister, use the address

To email the leader of the opposition, use

Reach Nick Clegg through Twitter!

Debbie Le May, Associate Editor


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The stickers for the “OUT NOW” campaign show the old UKIP colours, which is nice. When you visit the UKIP  site you’ll see that the new logo, the Lion, has already replaced our old logo. Personally, I think the lion looks anaemic and just a bit pathetic, but that’s just me …

A reader of UKIP Daily has taken the time to fiddle around with what is called the ‘Masthead’, the logo if you wish, of UKIP Daily and sent me a few proposals in regard to getting the new UKIP Lion in – or not.

So here are all the options. You are cordially invited to comment, give your assessments, and tell us if you’d like a change or would rather the Masthead stays as it is.

These are the proposals, from the top down:

* Our current Masthead:

* The same Masthead – but using the ‘new’ purple:



* Now the change to the new colour, with Lion:



* Here are the old colours again, with Lion on a background:



* This is the masthead using the old colours and a different Lion:



We’ve had fun exploring these different options, but the reason for doing it is serious. Changing a website, changing the colours, changing e.g. the Masthead, means reformatting. That means work for the tech guys. That means we need to know how much work will be involved because we need to know, for example, if the site needs to be locked down and for how long, that sort of thing.

And that’s why we’d love to know what you think about a new Masthead: fiddle around with it or let it stay the same.

~~~~~ ooooo ~~~~~

Our reader StuartJ did some designing on his own, and has come up with the following ideas:


He also posted examples of a made-up home page:



Stuart comments;

“From an amateur graphic designer’s view, UKIP’s mistake was putting the lion on the right of the new logo, I did think about flipping that so it was pointing left while on the left side.
Forget Photoshop, would you believe I knocked that up in about 30mins using Microsoft Paint? ;)”

I’d also like to acknowledge Rob McWhirter who played around with the Lion Logo for the UKIP Daily Masthead.

If proof were needed that UKIP is full of expertise which must be used by the new leader – look no further than the readers of UKIP Daily!

Viv Evans, Editor-in-Chief

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