The United Kingdom Independence Party is presently in a state of flux, to put it mildly. There are factions and fighting at the top of the party not unlike the madness gripping the Labour Party. That is as far as the similarity goes though.

The Labour Party has a core of young followers who are of the mould of the early fanatics wishing to impose hard left socialism on us all and led by the old revolutionary pacifist Jeremy Corbyn. The 500,000 supporters may be just about all there is who will vote for him in 2020.

The Labour MPs elected with and subsequently to the Tony Blair era are a mix of moderately left of centre social politics together with cloud cuckoo economic policies. I doubt there are enough followers of the Blairite persuasion to ever achieve a majority in the Commons now that the SNP have gobbled up all the Scottish seats. The best they could hope for would be a Labour/SNP coalition.

The Tories are riding high with Theresa May coming across as a Prime Minister with a vision and a purpose and trying to be all things to all people. She is unashamedly stealing UKIP policies, entrenching both left and right of centre ground politics and reaching out to Labour voters as the party working for all the people of the UK.

If you read between the lines you will spot how Theresa also speaks with forked tongue. As part exiting the EU she will be enacting the Grand Repeal of the European Communities Act of 1972 and at the same time the inclusion of all existing EU law into British law to keep the Remainiacs happy. Haven’t we already got an overload of EU laws, regulations and directives incorporated into British law to repeal?

I contend that you can please some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but no-one with the problems this nation has to solve will be able to please all the people from now until the next election.

This leaves an increasing political vacuum for those former Labour voters and for a huge number of the electorate who don’t want any deal on movement of people or the all the baggage of social demands, environmental pressure, workers rights and so on that is part of the Single Market. This in itself should be enough for the disenfranchised grassroots of UKIP to work on.

There is now no UKIP forum because some turncoat took the 30 pieces of silver and gave access to the media to it. UKIP switched it off and broke their link to the membership.

UKIP Daily presumably came into being to fill that void and allows us a place to test our ideas. I am delighted that recently we have had articles from various MEPs, former NEC representatives and leadership contenders. This gives me hope that we presently are inspiring them with our thoughts and insights.

So UKIP Daily must continue the task of discussing the issues that ultimately will form the pillars on which our manifesto for the 2020 election and beyond is based. Turning us from a single issue pressure group into a mainstream political party with policies to solve the problems of these nations of Britain that we can persuade the electorate to choose us.

Vivian Evans, Mike Munford and myself have already been in discussions about the issues to research and discuss and the methods by which this can be done. Most of all we are sure there is expertise amongst our authors and readers who will contribute to this cause.

We the grassroots are united in our belief in our cause and future. We don’t want (or intend) to return with our tails between our legs to the Tories or Labour, neither of which are going to solve the economy and other problems. UKIP Daily I hope will represent the people who are desperate for UKIP to get its act together and re-engage with us.

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