President Obama attempted to strike a pose at the D Day celebrations. He seemed to be constantly chewing gum as if he was a GI storming the beaches in 1944. This dopey demeanour was contrasted by the Queen and Prince Phillip who, as participants in the conflict and by saying nothing publicly, clearly empathised with those who had taken part in this most horrific and important event. Their dignity and stature transcended the many utterances of the assembled politicians.

President Obama and our PM teamed up for a news conference to discuss current issues. Obama was asked what he thought about Scottish independence. His response was diplomatic but certainly leaned in favour of a ‘no’ vote. Indeed, he expressed a very sensible position that he thought that the UK was better off with Scotland.

This was of course seized upon by the media and used against the ‘yes’ campaign in Scotland. Obama’s message was quickly encapsulated by ‘Nope’ posters. The fact that we accept and need a foreign politician to tell us and believe the obvious is quite shocking. Obama then went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid like: “The UK should remain in the EU.”

No doubt the Americans see that it is in their interests to keep the UK as their eyes and ears in the EU but what Obama fails to understand is the effect that EU membership/federalisation is having on our own Union. Obama also fails to see the EU for the undemocratic, insidious, destabilising organisation it is. In an instant he went from nope to dope.

Obama’s dopiness seems to extend to the perceived lack of an obvious foreign policy. US interference aided by her EU allies has caused mayhem in places like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Ukraine. The US seems to be incapable of thinking about the risks and consequences of its actions (or lack of action). The unstated policy of destabilising so many places at once now means that the US and her allies are now only able to react and fire fight events. Perhaps the US calculation is that by dividing the peoples in these countries and regions and encouraging civil war, terrorist elements will lack the energy and ability to attack the US and the west. Even in the Ukraine the demonisation of Russia and Putin has had the effect of putting them on the back foot.

In effect a ‘divide and rule’ policy is being pursued. It is a shame and troubling that so many people will die, be dislocated and impoverished in the process to extend US/EU hegemony. The lack of stated policy may suit Obama’s short term political legacy but history shows us that the US fails to follow through for the longer term (just look at Iraq) or is subject to a different political direction. Obama is either very clever, too optimistic or just a plain dope. What do you think?


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