The UK and Russia are now at war, with the potential — some say intention — of igniting WWIII.

This news was recently revealed by an unnamed source from the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters:

“RAF Tornado pilots have been … given the green light to defend themselves if they are threatened by Russian pilots”

And, says another top-level military source:

 “We’re taking a step closer to war. It will only take one plane to be shot down in an air-to-air battle and the whole landscape will change.”

International Business Times, October 11, 2015

One country giving the green light for its military to fire on another country’s military is, de facto, a declaration of war.

So, where are the full-page newspaper headlines screaming out this catastrophic turn of events? As of writing, I can’t find a single mention of our new war status on the BBC’s Web site. The Daily Telegraph seems unaware of any of this. The Independent. The Guardian. Nothing. The obvious conclusion is that the mainstream media are in no particular hurry to tell us we’re at war with Russia. It’s a disturbing thought that many will automatically write off as “conspiratorial”. The lack of appropriately extensive and honest coverage is, however, demonstrable. [Note: today there were a few sanitized media accounts of this development.]

Isn’t it a little odd that, after months of pushing the outrageous lie that it was Russian aggression, and not, as is the case, EU fascism and US terrorism that caused the coup and subsequent war in Ukraine, and after months of telling us how the West must “sanction” Russia in all kinds of ways for its crimes, the mainstream media is now silent when we arrive at precisely the place that it has been nudging us toward all along: War with Russia. It’s as though the media wants the war to get a foothold before most of us become aware of it, so that it will be harder for us to do anything to stop it. (This “too-late-to-change-it-now” scam is a tried-and-trusted EU “lawmaking” tactic.)

The question needs to be asked: Who will benefit by us being at war with Russia? Well, the list is long, and it includes a government that is already imposing an optional “austerity” regime on us; what better austerity is there than a ration book? The list also includes the EU, which will surely be able to declare that only solidarity — i.e. complete federalization and an EU military — can possibly protect us from Putin’s hordes. Brexit will quickly become lost in the shuffle. Then there’s the “Green” Nazis, who already are trying to create a “sustainable” wartime economy, including the rationing of food, petrol and electricity, along with the negation of climate_bill1_0personal liberty. How happy must fascistic useful idiots such as Green Party (UK) leader Natalie Bennett, “climate change” snake oil salesman Bill McKibben, and the Carbon Conman-in-Chief, Al Gore, be that we’re finally in a war. Any war.

Of course, the biggest beneficiaries will be the same class of people who have (started and) benefitted from all of the world’s major wars: the international banking cartel. As we know, these monsters start wars, because wars create a global market for their armaments and allow them to centralize global power and to steal world resources on a grand scale. War also allows them to create their Technocratic Hell-on-Earth in the dark, while the  rest of us, we “useless eaters”, are dazzled into compliance by the BBC’s “push” pro-war propaganda and by CNN’s and others’ constant war mongering and psychotropic war graphics.

In short, the entire global establishment, and particularly the handful of people at the top, some of whom are no doubt Russian, will benefit wonderfully well from the UK’s nascent war with Russia, particularly when it escalates to WWIII.  The only people who will suffer, again, will be us, we folk who, in theory, are supposed to get a democratic say in the worthiness of the causes that we will die for, or send our family and loved ones to die for.  And, in a perverse way, we should suffer for it, not because any of this is any of our doing, but because it is we who are allowing it to happen.

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