Last year I accompanied Nigel Farage to Scotland, where he was to host a press conference in support of our Aberdeen by-election candidate and have a few meetings with our Scottish colleagues.

Well that was the plan.

As it transpired, one of the journalists who received the ops note about the event thought it would be fun to send the details across to a rag-tag bag of student radicals and general ne’er-do-wells.

The event drew a few headlines, that much is certain. Nigel was hounded by a pack of ill-clothed, ill-mannered, largely middle class (one of the organisers was a Harrovian – I suppose it makes a change from Eton), and a poor taxi driver was put in fear for his life when they threatened to attack his vehicle and ostentatiously took his license number “to follow up”. On of these fellows, heavily quoted at the time, is called Liam O’Hare and is the spokesman for the Radical Independence group.

Anyhow, the papers and airwaves were full of the stramash for the next couple of days. The SNP and the Yes campaign in Scotland refused to criticise the outrageous actions of their supporters, and we had the unedifying situation where Alec Salmond basically claimed that the 7% of Scots who are already thinking of voting UKIP are in some way non people and have no place in Scotland.

So it gives me unalloyed pleasure to bring you this report from the Scottish Daily Mail, where David Coburn of this parish has, ahem served up the organizer of the anti UKIP demo with neaps and tatties.

Liam O’Hare, the organizer of the demo, it transpires has been employed by a range of organisations in Scotland to encourage participation in elections ahead of the Euros and the Scottish referendum.

This from a chap whose idea of debate is finger jabbing and incoherent raging whilst blocking err free speech. However it seems he might not find his Tenants subisidised by the taxpayer for long.

A radical pro-independence campaigner who believes Britain is a ‘degenerate’ country with a ‘bloodstained’ flag has been given taxpayers’ cash to encourage teenagers to vote in the referendum. Left-wing firebrand O’Hare has been hired to visit schools, colleges and universities in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

The decision by Labour-led Glasgow City Council and the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board to employ the activist to help sign up youngsters to the electoral roll sparked fury on Monday night.

After being alerted to Mr O’Hare’s strong anti-Unionist views by the Scottish Daily Mail, a council source said he might now be sacked.

David Coburn, Ukip’s lead MEP candidate in Scotland for this year’s European Elections, said: “It is outrageous that Glasgow City Council is paying this man – who has proven by his actions to not understand that democracy is about different opinions being freely presented – with taxpayers’ money to promote democracy.

‘Trying to persuade people to register to vote, especially the young, is a very good thing, but to pay somebody who is a key figure in the Yes campaign is utterly wrong.”

Well quite. To see this chap revealed for the anti-democrat he is would make a grown man weep.

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