In trying to understand the European Union and its slow, stealthy, dishonest and insidious morphing from a trade deal to a sovereignty destroying superstate, I’d come to the conclusion that there was a strong Islamic influence or taqiya-type deception involved.

I’ve recently taken to calling the European Union the European Islamic Union. Many may think this outrageous but now I’ve realised that I have, if anything, understated the case: the European Union is fundamentally Islamic. After looking so deeply for the answers, I’ve come to realise that the answers are far more simple than I could have imagined: oil, money and power.

According to a video by author Gertrud Galster entitled: “The Islamisation of Europe: What You Didn’t Know”, Europe sold its soul to the islamic world (mainly Saudi Arabia) many years ago. I’ve checked the references to this video and the events to which she refers, while requiring further research, are true.

In 1973 after the oil crisis a little known dialogue known as the: “Euro-Arab Dialogue,” took place as a means to ensure an oil supply to Europe on favourable terms. Wikipedia mentions this dialogue briefly here and a more detailed text can be found and downloaded here.

The Europeans, in Gertrud’s own words:

“promised the Arab world Heaven and Moon,”

to secure an oil supply. The Arabs drove a very hard bargain indeed. They wanted immigration on favourable terms, free entry as workers and it was promised that Europe would spread the islamic culture. In Gertrud’s words:

“the Islamisation that we are being exposed to now, we have actually promised them.”

These promises were finally signed up to in 1978.

This islamisation also meant mosques and we certainly have enough of those now. Saudi Arabia never seems to be short of money to fund mosques in our country and Europe.

Not much happened initially. It was realised that the people of Europe were not going to tolerate this kind of agreement, least of all the Barcelona Declaration as it was known in 1995, available for download here. The Barcelona Declaration / Process or Euro-Mediterranean Partnership involved the forming of a block known as Eurabia. A fact strenuously denied by the European Union.

In 1997, enter the European Monitoring Centre on Racism (EUMC), today known as the Fundamental Rights Agency formed in France in 2007.

These organisations were formed to prepare public opinion for the coming Islamic invasion, to dictate how we should think and behave. It was however discovered that much of the anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe was not coming from Neo-Nazis but from muslims, this could never be admitted and much effort was made to divert suspicion away from islam.

Here then was the foundation to the Political Correctness and multicultural propaganda that we’re experiencing today. As Gertrud says in her conclusion: the noble ideas espoused by the European Union were never anything of the sort, it was always just a way to enable public acceptance of the unacceptable.

Eurabia came into being (although not officially known as such) in 2008 at the Paris Summit and the Union for the Mediterranean. This is an intergovernmental organisation of 43 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin; including North Africa and the Middle East.

For those of you feeling confused by the islamisation of our country, you need to realise that it is something that has been planned in detail for over forty years. The European Union is islamic and has been bought and paid for and that includes the United Kingdom from the day that we joined a supposed Common Market.

When Great Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973, plans were already afoot in Europe to sell our countries out to the islamic world and for the formation of Eurabia with the full knowledge that the indigenous Europeans would never agree to this. Our government at the time must have been fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

The islamic invasion that we’re witnessing will never stop, it is the greatest Hijrah in history, aided and abetted by the governments that we’ve elected to represent us. What this in effect means is that for over forty years we haven’t had a representative, democratic government fit for purpose.

There is a name for what our successive governments have inflicted upon us, it’s called: Cultural Genocide: cultural cleansing or should we say Ethnic Cleansing. The United Nations of course would be very quick to condemn Ethnic Cleansing in any other part of the world, but remains strangely silent when it happens to the Brits or the Europeans.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our world and the islamic world are totally incompatible when occupying the same space but our politicians don’t care as long as there’s a ready supply of oil to keep the industries of their corporate masters supplied. This is what it has always been about: power and oil in exchange for genocide.

The future is looking very grim, demographic projections suggest that we’ll be living in a muslim country in 20/30 years, we’ve seen what muslims do to Christians, the best we can hope for is to be second or third class citizens in our own country, the worst doesn’t bear thinking about.

Until we can hold our politicians to account for their treason – and we must if we’re ever to have a democratic government again – we should ask serious questions about those politicians that would seek to hinder our departure from the European Islamic Union. Upon investigation we may just find out why some of our ex Prime Ministers become extremely wealthy after leaving office.

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