In March, 2014, Ed Miliband vowed that he would grant us an In-Out EU referendum in the event that the UK were to cede further powers to the EU.

Well, today, the EU Parliament adopted a resolution, to be presented to the Council and Commission next month for enactment as law, saying that EU members must each accept “a binding quota” of asylum seekers from non-EU nations.

In so doing, the EU has tossed the UK into a rickety boat jam-packed with 27 other member nations and set us adrift in a sea of chaos and extremism, in the desperate hope that we’ll all be washed onto the shores of some magic land of communitarian bliss and wonder and live happily ever after.

The EU committed this atrocity under cover of an existing EU-wide asylum system (hands up everyone who even knew we had an EU-wide asylum system), but it adds a significant wrinkle: it makes mandatory what was formally a voluntary option for member states to take in, feed, clothe, house, medically treat and employ any asylum seeker from anywhere in the world.

In short, the new resolution hands to Brussels the UK’s power to decide whether or not we take in asylum seekers, how many asylum seekers we take in, and how we must treat them. The UK will be forced to accept whoever the EU Commission tells us to accept.  No questions asked.  No objections heard.

By any reasonable measure, this is a significant transfer of UK sovereign power to the EU, and Ed must now be put on notice that we expect him to honour his referendum pledge.

Neither Ed, not anyone else in our government, must be allowed to deny the obvious fact that this resolution represents an existential threat to the UK’s national security and economic and social fabric.

We are about to offer an open invitation to – literally – anyone in the world to plant themselves on UK shores and demand the same rights that UK citizens have.

Surely nobody has a problem with offering those genuinely in need of asylum a safe haven.

But the EU’s definition of “asylum seeker” is so ridiculously broad that we are about to legally extend the EU’s free movement of workers to anyone in the world who claims to be fleeing poverty, a category the EU-wide asylum policy recognizes, and who shows up in an EU nation.

Some will argue that asylum seekers aren’t granted the same freedom of movement within the EU that others are. But how long will it be before the European Court of Human Rights declares this restriction a violation of their human rights?

And once that happens, Hello, White Cliffs of Dover!!

Unarguably, people drowning in the Mediterranean is most definitely a crisis that the world – not only the EU – needs to deal with.

But replacing one crisis with another deadlier and more enduring crisis – an explosive backlash against what many in EU member nations see as an aggressive foreign invasion – isn’t good EU governance.  Hell, it’s not even moral.

It’s such an obviously bad idea that someone familiar with the EU collective mind might have to wonder if the EU is cynically using the temporary Mediterranean crisis as an opportunity to grab permanent power from its members states — an old EU trick.

Whatever the EU’s motives, their “parliament’s” resolution has put Ed in a tough spot right before the general election: either he agrees to honour his referendum pledge as PM, and alienates a significant faction of his party, or he weasels his way out of honouring it, and exposes himself as just another lying politician.

If Ed does the right thing, and honours his referendum pledge, I hope that, bearing in mind where the current batch of asylum seekers is coming from, he schedules the referendum to fall before he makes Islamophobia a crime.

You see, the EU’s asylum system offers no way for the EU or the UK to weed out any potential Jihadis among thousands of asylum seekers we’ll be forced to blindly take in from a part of the world that is controlled by a gang of beheading, raping, Godless thugs that have warned us that they want to drown Europe in their extremist excrement.

Making it illegal for us in the UK to resist such people will be akin to a death sentence for us all.

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