Dear Ukip Daily,

Here we are again, two weeks to go until the Scots vote for independence. Moribund shaken from his cozy London lair has made the trip north again in order to bolster what looks to be a flagging ‘Better together’ campaign, headed up by the really boring and dull Alistair Darling .

Now call me a cynic if you will, but I get the impression that the Scots are yet again being conned. All the mainstream are now offering all sorts of inducements short of full independence to the Scottish electorate to vote ‘NO’. They remind me of a salesman. They have traded for years treating Scotland as a peripheral colonial possessio . Now there is a threat to their monopoly on power from Westminster – they decide to offer discounts. Now then, if they can offer all these new terms NOW, why not ten years ago, why not twenty years ago? Yes, you’ve got it, because in the past Westminster has been happy to use Scotland to bolster its majority (Labour) and now it has dawned on them that 41 MP’s may just be wiped from the seats at Westminster leaving Labour  unlikely to  be able to establish a majority Government in the remaining OKOPOP members (One Kingdom, One Principality, One Province) – Scotland leaving the UNITED KINGDOM so far as I can work out means that the United Kingdom is dissolved upon independence, surely ? One simply cannot say ‘the rest of the UK’ as there is only one Kingdom remaining upon the dissolution of the UNION.

So if Scotland votes Yes – Labour loses 41 MP’s at Westminster. The Tories don’t care, they don’t count in Scotland (one MP in total and looking shaky) whilst we all know the Liberals will be hammered at the next GE – I guess Charles Kennedy may hang on, but don’t think anyone will cry too much when Danny Alexander loses his seat?

All these visits to Scotland by the Labour grandees headed by Ed Moribund strike me as being totally insincere. They aren’t interested in Scotland at all. They are interested in keeping the LABOUR gravy train going at Westminster and are worried that this referendum will permanently destroy their chances of Governing hereafter. Here is where the much loved First past the post system is coming back to bite the Labour party in particular in the backside, and of course I am thoroughly enjoying their discomfort in this. Personally I am disappointed that UKIP is siding with the ‘NO’ campaign as 40 odd fewer Labour MP’s at Westminster means they will always have to work, whilst any UKIP can take off them in OKOPOP can only add to their woes. I would like to keep the pressure on their throats.

So it isn’t about increased freedom for Scotland, it is about continued ‘colonial rule’ from Westminster no more no less. Moribund and his coterie will sit back and breath a sigh of relief across the winter, knowing that come MAY at the GE, the SNP will trounce them any way in Scotland as the traditional Labour voters in Scotland go back to not turning out to vote, the SNP surely will. I reckon on at least 20 Labour seats being lost to SNP at the GE in 2015 should Scotland vote ‘NO’.

LABOUR – well what are they going to do about the local Authorities they currently control? We have seen the recent scandal at Rotherham, mass arrests all over West Yorkshire also, those birds will sing  and I think we will see inquiries and arrests all over the Labour controlled areas. Locally we all feel that JANE COLLINS will see off the hapless and foolish Sarah Champion in Rotherham (not just because of her good performance when Dennis McSHANE was imprisoned for fraud) but also because Champion also asserts that it is White men who undertake most child abuse. yes she said this in a television interview . This only five days following the exposure of the Pakistani origin child abuse gangs. There have been similar exposures in other Labour controlled areas, and it doesn’t take much imagination to envisage the sheer panic in Social Care departments all over  shredding, deleting and vain attempts to hide their Politically Correct ineptitude. In all this one must remember the victims, but one cannot help but think that at long last LABOUR will get its just desserts for its slavish adherence to enforced Diversity, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, Hubris, and their insidious ‘COMMON PURPOSE’, in itself is another issue which needs further exposure.

Have a think UKIP people. Scotland is not the issue for LABOUR , the potential for never having overall rule in England is; they are panicking, worried and on the run . I would urge the Scots with all my heart to vote YES, for to vote NO, however as it is couched currently it will mean the Kingdom will remain a colony, ‘NO’ will aid and abet a continuation of TWO PARTY pendulum government and NO change for the better for any of us; when you oil runs out you will become a back water.

Labour’s mantra – the policy of rich people, telling poor people that they remain poor due to the actions of other rich people. Or Labour, looking out for poor people for 90 year… Well why are we all still poor then?

I do not trust the mainstream, and I hope you all feel the same.

Right. Off to see my Mum. She is 85 next week and she needs a bit of a hand doing things… Unpaid carer? No I do it for love.

Good morning.


Photo by stuant63

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