As I read  the early morning papers about the riots in France, the shooting dead by police of a guy trying to attack a child rapist (subsequently given a suspended sentence) and other sad news I had fleeting thought: “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. My parents were Methodists and, along with my sister, I was sent to Sunday school every week. We soon found out that we could play truant and did, although I would still maintain that we retained the “Christian values” that we were brought up with and remember the phrase above.

The reason behind the Paris riots, the “rape” of a guy by police, might be valid or it might not. We may never know how the injury was inflicted. The reaction to that single event is beyond reason unless one considers it a convenient excuse for an already planned uprising. One might ask where the rioters were when the native women and kids of France were attacked and raped by the invader.

The rioters are probably receiving financial support from the benefits system but might also be receiving support from elsewhere. That “elsewhere” needs to be investigated. I was working in Bangkok in 2008/9 when the “red shirts”, supporters of the deposed, exiled and corrupt former Prime Minister Thaksin, were rioting and blocking major road junctions for weeks. It was common knowledge that they were funded by Thaksin to an amount more than the minimum wage.

It is evident that the Police have been infected with political correctness to the extent that they can no longer perform their duties in an acceptable manner. The Rotherham child rapes are but one example of failing to prosecute the invader; that begs the question of their own involvement. Thousands of the invaders were involved in the Bradford riots yet a very small number were prosecuted. Now the fear of a similar uprising has led to the various Muslim ghettos in West Yorkshire not being policed. On the other hand we heard of Tommy Robinson (formerly EDL) being harassed and removed from a pub by police.

Our politicians are, on the whole, no better; many are supportive of subjugation to the will of the EU for now and, in the longer term, by a World Government as promoted by the UN and others. Representation of their constituents has become a very low priority or simply no longer necessary. A clean and complete departure from the EU is still uncertain and EU policy still be signed up to.

Those we may forgive

Undoubtedly many have an inbuilt bias in support of the left from their education and that which they read every day on the social media which they follow. It seems that they have never been taught to question and validate facts before acting; they follow their thought leaders without question.

Many might be swept along with the tide of hatred simply to fit in with their friends without any consideration of the justification of such acts.

If they will open their minds to reality then we should forgive them, but only after they have received a just penalty for any acts against the law.

The lower ranking policemen and policewomen might have little option but to follow orders from above. Provided that they are not enthusiastic followers then they may be forgiven.

Likewise with “our” MPs; the few who still try to represent those who voted them into office despite party policy may be forgiven.

Those we cannot forgive.

The thought leaders referred to above cannot be forgiven; they must be removed from any position which allows them to propagate their hatred.

There is a fine line between free speech and the inciting of hatred. Charges of hate speech are regularly brought against those who oppose Islam whilst the hate preachers of Islam are allowed to spew forth their bile on a regular basis without fear of prosecution. Those who facilitate such bias cannot be forgiven; they must be removed from office.

Those who preach the outrageous values of Islam every day at the many mosques and effectively support the terrorist in their quest to impose Islamic values on the native people of the UK cannot be forgiven; they must be deported to a country where they would be at home.

Any person providing financial support to the rioters cannot be forgiven; they must be hunted, captured and brought to trial.

Police officers responsible for the bias against the native Brit cannot be forgiven; they must be sacked and prosecuted if there is evidence to support that.

Those MPs who are supportive of the continued subjugation of our sovereignty by the EU or the World Government intended by others need to be removed. Fortunately all that requires is to vote them out of office at the next election.

As I started to write this article I was expecting a degree of balance between those who might be forgiven and those who cannot.  Maybe there is some balance in the actual numbers of people involved; more likely the unknowing significantly exceed the villains in number. Whatever those numbers we cannot allow the scourge of Islam and its ally, Political Correctness, to continue.

We must try to see that MPs represent the interests of the British people on every front whether that is control of immigration, removal of subservience to the god of Political Correctness and absolute support for a truly sovereign Great Britain. The only effective way to do that is to get a large number of UKIP MPs elected. We cannot rely on changes to a fairer voting system; that issue must be parked for now as simply will not happen before the next election.

We will see shortly how policies are received in Stoke but the election would have been better served by the availability of an updated and complete manifesto. UKIP needs to get in front of the game; for now it is in danger of becoming an “also ran”. It is indeed fortunate that the opposition seems to be in a worse state – for now.

There is much to do and much of it controversial if we are to recover our country. Whatever the effort that requires – we cannot fail.

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