Our politics is a marvellous jigsaw put together by generations of brilliant people. But corrupted as they went along by others  equally gifted , but seeking advantage. But still far better than anybody else’s.

Its rules by which it seeks to operate for us is called our constitution. And it covers every one of us. And strangely most of the rest of the world. Where most constitutions around the world seem to differ is the Monarch ( President, Ayatollah, Leader, Commission, Politburo, etc ) whose position is usually bolstered by some religion or quasi religion such as communism, or by a declaration or written constitution – whatever’s handy. Ours is probably the only one with its own religion. Makes a difference.

The best thing about ours is its flexibility at the same time as it has its bedrocks, such as Magna Carta etc. Generally speaking, the longer an item is used and accepted, the less changeable it is.

Generally this means the oldest is the best. The warlord (King) must come on top. This is unchangeable. It can be warped by religion or committee. family, or can be developed by a committee which inevitably develops a “King” on top.

If you have done a degree in politics at Oxford, this is baby stuff. It’s like Euclid’s geometry: a proper educational grounding that should be taught in kindergarten and developed. Again, as I see it, it’s a textbook, with the content:

  1. Constituency, voting, and your representative and Party (HoC)
  2. Government inc. PM  
  3. HoL
  4. Executive inc Civil Service  and 
  5. Other Heads of Functions eg.. Chief of Armed Services, Head of Religion. Head of Civil Service. Treasury, etc., all answerable to the supreme Monarch – not PM or politicians
  6. The Monarchy and its own committees (in this position to divide and rule)
  7. (Tricky one, this) God
  8. Finally: the People

That is what I think the structure is, more or less. Better shown, I suppose, as a sort of ancestry chart.

And you will note that it has been developed by many clever people, covering every aspect one way or another. The only fly in the ointment is as always: the politicians of all types and jobs, nibbling away at advantage, and corrupting. The most in quantity, corrupt as always, being at the bottom: the MPs. the most successfully corrupt beings among the higher levels. Properly successful and harnessed, this is a useful skill …

It worries me that many politicians, and almost all candidates, and the voting population,  have no inkling of any of this. It seems to me to be intentional.

So, for the sake of clarity of my (and what should be your) position:

MPs should all represent roughly equal and cohesive constituencies. The loyalties of all should be to Monarch and constituency. And only vaguely and randomly to anyone else. Certainly never to a committee or party. The corrupt party system provides them with a ready-made position and policy and words. And in a corrupt response insists on loyalty above and beyond proper loyalty to Monarch and constituency. And particularly making him thus an alien to his constituency, 

The full loyalty of an MP must be to his Electorate, God and his Monarch. Not – not, I repeat: not Party, not, or only a bit, his PM. And then only if specifically delegated BY the Monarch.

First past the post is simple, obvious, gets the best or most popular – not the most deserving or other self appointed, self serving equals. This is actually understood by the entire universe except a few idiot candidates (and the EU), hoping that by some miracle their ineptitude is not noticed. Changing this is a form of altering things to smooth your path. Another popular misconception by the less well informed.

The House of Lords

Gets a lot of abuse. But serves a useful purpose. It was conceived as another committee to serve as a brake on the mad populism and corruption of the Commons. It was to provide experience, wealth , position, education, consideration, however attractive the suggested Law might be. To look for unintended consequences, foolishnesses etc. The corruptly accumulated power by successive PMs and cronies has destroyed a valuable reservoir of the great and the good which would protect us from the mad Corbyn..

Remedy: Remove all ex-MPs  and Civil Servants and replace with those of stature and achievement and respect. As I have said many times before, for example the guy in charge of old bones at the Natural History Museum, or other exceptional people, or the heroes of the hour, for using common sense in the face of the establishment slime: the great, good, exceptional, and deserving and of course Nigel for putting up with it all. It is not a step on a promotion ladder for old and never useful underlings who have betrayed their constituencies.

Ministers and ministries

Mrs May gets a mention here. Her spell everywhere she went presaged disaster and she continues her scarcely credible stagger through politics. The entire ministry (corruption at the expense of the taxpayer) of the Home Office needs an Augean Stable clean out. This was corruption of the idea of “Promotion “, in favour of Cronyism. The care of the treasury run by a politician and cronies to dole out money to the various ministers, for them to do likewise, is just laughable and distortion of seriously important functions. The idea of a King giving the Treasury to a politician, who’s very trade includes corrupting – well ! I know, it’s funny. 

In fact the idea of crony politicians in charge of anything is again laughable and only saved by the fact that they will naturally be aware of the actually knowledgeable the Civil Service, who are actually responsible to a separate promotional ladder. It’s all too cosy. No wonder Mad Corbyn wants a go.

I suppose a mention has to be made of Big Business, spending lobby money on MPs, MP votes, MPs providing information …  possibly a warped vote. MP gets voted out and is given directorship for further dubious communication etc. for as long as he’s useful. To summarise at the end of this chapter: Parachuting, Lobbying, HoL Rewards, Executive positions  (Ministries), all: + + + + +

I trust that I’ve given food for thought. Now read newspapers with a jaundiced eye. As for the BBC: a Marxist echo chamber.

For legal expertise on this subject:  ask Sir Bill Cash.


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