I started to write a response to the excellent article by ‘flyer’ in Thursday’s (28th June 2018) UKIP Daily, but it got a bit lengthy.

And I also felt a reluctance to say what I feel must be said, but in so doing inevitably undermines UKIP Daily, of which I am enthusiastic supporter.

I am afraid that Gerard’s “red alert” for an imminent election, followed by a vacuum, is depressing. A call to arms with an obvious worthy cause but without the leadership to make effective use of the willing volunteers sadly reminds me of WWI: troops being sent over the top to perish for lack of knowing what else to do. And that on a day when England are taking on Belgium! (Not exactly the right analogy, but I hope you get the whimsical point).

So, where do we go?

Presumably UKIP needs a lot of money to set up and man the Party web site that we desperately need. The only other option I can think of is to amalgamate the available online resources, at least for the time being [Ed: UKIP Daily is already doing so as far as possible, with those who don’t shun us because we’re UKIP.]. But if we do not do much better and soon there will be no UKIP future to worry about.

There are plenty of voices arguing in their own way from their own perspective to achieve the BREXIT won by the Leave vote in the Referendum. There are examples from history about the success of previous very well support campaigns, such as “Ban the Bomb” and against the war in Iraq – nothing.

By contrast, UKIP achieved far more with far less support pushing the Government into offering a referendum on a contentious subject. They did this because they felt threatened at the ballot box.

All of us, the electorate, should place this in the forefront of our minds.

All the campaigning groups should realise that their efforts, no matter how worthy, extensive or popular, will count for nothing if the Government chooses to ignore them. Government’s view is not on the merits of the case but the effect on number of votes cast.

UKIP is uniquely well placed as the only credible alternative to voting Con/Lab/Lib. This should put UKIP in an excellent position to exploit the desires of BREXIT campaigners and there by force the Government to deliver a “true” BREXIT or loose a damaging number of votes. But at the moment there is no coherence between BREXIT campaigners’ wishes and the political Party that offers the best prospect of those wishes being fulfilled.

And this is not going to change unless UKIP makes it change. To change, UKIP has to be active and seen to be pushing the BREXIT case continuously in every aspect every day. This requires, at least, a thoroughly professional website that is the go-to place for BREXIT news and information. ALL Brexit campaign groups must feel that the best way to get their arguments in front of the Public is for them to be featured and remain readily accessible on the UKIP web site.

When this happens the MSM then cannot but recognise that UKIP is again a force to be reckoned with, and a Party which they must cover in their reporting. This in turn will increase UKIP credibility as a Party worth of your vote. Even negative MSM reporting can have a positive consequence, for people empathetic to the UKIP message will see the Party is back as an electoral force worthy of their vote irrespective of the biased presentation.

As to what voting UKIP can achieve, well there is no prospect of UKIP forming the next Government but that is not the point. UKIP can change the balance of power in various ways. For instance, a handful of UKIP MPs could hold the balance of power, rather as currently in the Commons. Further, the greater the “popular” UKIP vote the greater the prospect Conservative and Labour MPs would join UKIP: after all, Churchill once left the Conservative benches and joined the Liberals.

However, I would caution on the prospects of UKIP popularity. It is vital that the Party, and all speaking on behalf of the Party, present a united and coherent front. There will be only one issue of significance, BREXIT. For now everything else is of minor relevance; disagreement on minor issues will simply be an unhelpful distraction. Having won, eventually, on BREXIT, UKIP will then be very well placed to push on as a credible political party.

For me UKIP are the one and only common sense middle-ground party in the UK. Great things could be possible. Lead on!


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