Finally, Polling Day is upon us. Polling stations have been open since 7 a.m., and will close at 10 p.m. –  precisely, one hopes, unlike at the last GE where suddenly thousands of pub goers decided they did want to vote after all and turned up just before closing time – polling station closing time, that is.

Of course, the weather has a mighty influence. Forecasts tell of heavy rainfall – and who can forget the deluge hitting the South East and London on June 23rd last year … but who knows – forecasts for weather as well as for elections often get it wrong.

So, in good British tradition, we won’t talk about Party Politics today, and we won’t tell you for whom to vote.

If you’re a regular watcher of BBC, by now you cannot have any doubts left that the only way to vote is for the chaps in the Red corner, or we’re doomed.

Papers local and national have been full of advice on tactical voting to keep the one out and get the other in, regardless of your actual political affiliation, because …. Well, actually, why?

I’m afraid that if I were an ‘undecided’ or ‘swing’ voter, I would still be none the wiser as to whom to give my vote to, as to what this was all about. It must have been the strangest election campaign I’ve ever witnessed!

Allegedly, it was about getting a mandate for Brexit – but oddly enough, this was hardly mentioned at all after the first few weeks. Even the fragrant Gina Miller was suddenly absent from our MSM.

Much as politicians wanted to emphasise their wonderful manifestos – the public wasn’t listening. There were two reasons for this – reasons which nobody will forget: Manchester and London Bridge.

Suddenly pointed questions were asked by the public about our security, and while the chaps in the Red corner tried to turn this into “Tory cuts”, the chaps in the Blue corner scrambled to avoid a number of own goals, such as inadequate border control and indeed cuts to police numbers. Instead they pointed out the deep connections to terrorists and terrorism which leading figures in the Red corner have had for years.

Only after London Bridge were the chaps in both corners forced to at least mention the allahphant in the room.

All this will have serious repercussions – some of which we can already see, for example armed police guarding polling stations. Why nobody in the MSM makes an outcry about this is somewhat puzzling. Weren’t we extremely sniffy when Russian armed soldiers guarded polling stations in the Crimea a few years ago? Security must mean different things in different countries as far as our MSM are concerned: there’s ‘good’ security and there’s ‘bad’ security …

Which brings me to the one scandal – and it is a scandal! – running like a red thread through these last few weeks: the bias exhibited by our MSM, the BBC and SKY first and foremost.

In 2015, at the “leaders debate”, Nigel was the only one to point out this bias – from audience ‘selection’ to partisan debate moderators. How he was vilified! This year, they were blatant.

They were so blatant that people went on twitter and pointed out, for example, a certain muslim apologist appearing just by chance several times on ‘Question Time’, and who was interviewed in Manchester as an ordinary muslim bystander.

They were so blatant that people went on twitter to point out that the audience for this year’s “leaders debate” had been made up of ⅓ Labour, ⅓ ‘Tory’ and ⅓ Momentum/Labour activists. The BBC, having learned from 2015, washed their hands in innocence: it was a polling company who selected the audience, they declared … NTDWTBBC, or ‘nothing to do with the BBC.

The political questions which should have been asked, by the MSM and indeed the public, were never asked: Brexit – immigration – islamic terrorism and what to do about it.

We now know that the London Bridge perps were very much known to the police, that one came on an EU passport from Italy – but still, ‘free movement’ has not become an issue.

We suddenly do get to hear voices on TV saying clearly that we must inter and deport – unthinkable even three months ago! We suddenly do hear our politicians pronounce against ‘islamists’ in a vague way – even the chaps in the Purple corner did so. We are suddenly told that we must stop being so PC. We even hear the chaps in the Blue corner declare that they would ‘tear up the human rights’ to get to grips with those jihadis – but it is all too little, too late. Still, we must be grateful for small mercies: we’ve not been subjected to a countdown of how many days and hours there are left to ‘save the NHS’ …

Meanwhile – today, there’s still time for the last push, for the last effort to get the votes out. We don’t know who will win (there will be some) or who will lose (there will be some). We do know that many will still vote for a candidate with the same rosette Mum and Dad and Gramps and Granny have voted for, regardless.

It’s not politicising when, on this day, we wish all our own candidates – especially those who’ve been writing for us on these pages – the very best of British luck!
We thank them wholeheartedly for the immense work they have done these last weeks, often in forgotten constituencies without much if any help. We thank all those activists who have supported them, from monetary donations to helping with the organisation, the leafletting, canvassing and trotting up and down streets, and for making our presence felt on social media.

If there’s one thing we can say at the end of this campaign: ordinary Kippers have again given their all, from candidates to foot soldiers. We salute you!

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