Marching, as to war, with the battalions of sceptics, scientists and the curious is the engaging and learned Reverend Philip Foster.  A crusade indeed, but to this atheist, a just and honourable one. It is a war against #fakescience. It is a battle for truth, honesty, ethics and the foundations of our civilisation – our faith in science, out trust in our institutions, our freedom to speak freely and our knowledge of who we are, where we came from and our human weaknesses and limitations.

As at all the UKIP Conferences I have attended, I spoke to Philip on Friday 17th February 2017 during this year’s Spring Conference. Indeed, for the first time I went to listen and watch Philip ‘do his thing’. The only ‘Fringe’ event of which I became aware was Philip’s presentation “Is Trump Right?” To those who keep abreast of contemporary science and international politics and who are familiar with Philip and his work, it was a neat and salient segue into the issue of ‘Climate Change’.

Philip’s presentations provide some interesting facts and data relating to the theory of ‘Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming’ [CAGW] and the influence of carbon dioxide concentrations in our atmosphere. As a Christian, Philip also likes to take the opportunity to share his scientific enquiries in the context of his deep and open Christian faith. Readers should know that I have had the pleasure of dining with Philip on more than one occasion and I greatly enjoy his company and our conversation.

But as for the battle in hand, is Trump right? And if so, about what?

#fakenews muddies the water. But the news media rarely employ reporters with the necessary tools (advanced level Maths, Physics or Chemistry) which would enable them to investigate properly the issue of ‘Climate Change’. How familiar the BBC’s Roger Harrabin is with Bernoulli, Navier Stokes and the bases of their work, armed as he is with a degree in English from Cambridge – I’m not sure, but I can guess. The CV’s of most ‘Environmental Correspondents’ show a similar lack of a basic cerebral toolkit suited to understanding and sceptical enquiry. And so we find ourselves in an atmosphere of discourse where people who wish to talk about the science and who are not in receipt of juicy government funding are labelled ‘Deniers’, ‘Dangerous’ or sometimes ‘Christian Extremists’. Scepticism is no longer an essential mind-set of a scientist, but a human weakness to be castigated, evidently.

I’ve heard that Trump thinks Climate Change is a hoax created by China! Really, who would believe that? (By the way, Trump does not.) Trump doesn’t just listen to the ‘Expertariat’ and the unqualified journalists who peddle their science and #fakescience without discernment. He listens to the dissenters too. And on Climate Change, the dissenters are legion and tend to stick to facts, as governments and formerly respected academics attempt to change the facts to suit their theories and, more relevantly, their reputations and financial interests.

Despite all the noise, name calling and hysteria, the bottom line is that Trump does not buy into the CAGW theory. But then again, when you scratch the surface and dig down a bit, there are very few ‘in the know’ who do. The ‘belief’ in CAGW within the people of the UK, particularly within schools and academia, is however of a religious fervour. CAGW is taught as fact and not theory and our students are taught what to think, not how to think. “But 97% of scientists agree”, I hear the cry! Nope. This #fakenews handy soundbite was debunked for the meaninglessness obfuscation that it was a long time ago, even if #fakescience charlatans such as Prof. Brian Cox use it along with their title and position, to close down discussion of real scientific facts relating to the issue of ’Climate Change’.

I may not agree with Rev Philip Foster’s analyses completely, but much of what he concludes I find myself in agreement with. Data collected since 1997 demonstrates clearly that the public fear narrative, generated off the back of computer models run by well-funded, highly remunerated academic institutions providing answers to suit the needs of their political paymasters is without foundation. The models produce bunkum. They are false and falsified. Erroneous. Wrong. There are those who explain why the problem is not soluble with the use of computers, and have been explaining for years. There are many who are so tired of explaining and being insulted and ignored that they have given up explaining.

Since 1997 one third of all hydrocarbons burned globally since the start of the Industrial Revolution (circa 1750) has been burned. In these twenty years the concentration of carbon dioxide, the gas of life, in our atmosphere has increased from 365ppm to nearly 400ppm. In that time the surface temperature of the earth has not increased, even though the CAGW theory dictated that it must. And solar scientists are sidelined, silenced or stigmatised.

Like a faithful, diligent and humane Christian, the  Rev. Philip Foster has not given up explaining. Carbon dioxide is not our enemy. It is a friend, the gas of life, and the 20% increase in Earth’s plant-life over the preceding decades is testament to the positive effects of an increase in its concentration. The nation’s demonisation of hydrocarbons and the complete absence in our schools of the benefits to life, wealth and health that come directly from the use of hydrocarbons needs to be challenged and the whole subject of Climate Change looked at impartially, rationally, honestly, scientifically and in the round.

Onward Christian Soldiers, in your battle for climatic truth! This atheist is marching with you.


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