We have all heard of the Grooming Scandal that is happening in this country. We are all aware of the turning of blind eyes to this crime by Labour Councils and by the Police to these crimes, as they are too difficult to confront due to Political Correctness.

Rochdale is one such place that has experienced a devastating Grooming Scandal, and if you listen to the authorities, they have the situation under control. However, local resident Billy Howarth knows that this isn’t the truth. That’s why he and a band of other local residents and concerned parents set up the group Parents Against Grooming UK (PAGUK) which is dedicated to helping find children in immediate danger on the streets of Rochdale.

Billy Leckie explains:

“The Council knows how bad things are in this town, and they wish that we would just go away and keep quiet about it, but we can’t. They tell the media that they have a grip on things, but they just haven’t. We get two or three referrals every week, of vulnerable children going missing in Rochdale and we walk the streets day and night to find them. We visit all known areas where we know that grooming goes on, to find these kids and get them to safety.

People think that the sexual exploitation of these kids only goes on behind closed doors, but it doesn’t. It happens in public spaces and in public parks throughout the town. We know areas of town where these things happen, and we watch them as best that we can with the limited resources at our disposal. We know of places where children are taken, to be used by the Groomers and we stake them out, to gather intelligence on the comings and goings, to then hand that information to the Police and Children’s Services at the Council.

We force them to act on the information that we gather, and we get these kids to safety. Only today we have been thanked by the Police for our help in gathering information which has just helped gain the conviction of 16 men for this crime. We do this voluntarily 365 days a year, and I am on call 24/7 to deal with a report of another child gone missing in the area.

This problem is enormous, and it’s getting worse. We have had meetings with the Labour Council, but as said before, they see us an annoyance rather than a vital public service. It’s taken us years to finally get them to speak to us, and then they have offered to help us to an extent, but there are conditions attached. Conditions which we feel mean that they want to control what we do rather than complement what we do. So, we’ve decided to set up a GoFundMe page so that the public can fund provide this vital service and to ensure it will remain independent from the control of those in the Labour Council who are turning blind eyes in the first instance. We need an office in the centre of town which we can run as a drop-in centre.

Where anyone can pop in and give us information that will be of use in the fight against these crimes. Where vulnerable kids can come and report their experiences to us. Where other parents and families can come and gain support to get the authorities to act if they are being ignored by the Police and Council.

We offer peer to peer support for survivors of abuse. We offer training to individuals, parents, community groups and anyone else who may want it, to help them identify the danger signs to look out for with your own children so that you can recognise the warning signs that your kids may be at risk. People think that this won’t happen to their kids, but they are wrong. It happens to kids from across the social divide This crime is still going on day in and day out, and we need to be able to bring everything together into one place so that we can help more people and be more effective at pushing the authorities to do what they should be doing anyway.

Ideally, we would like to see this Community-led project pushed out throughout the country. To all towns who are suffering the same crimes against their children as we are but to do so, we need help. Financially and through people volunteering their services. So that we can concentrate on saving more kids from the dangers within our towns. We have found office spaces to rent, right in the centre of Rochdale but we need to raise £10,000 to cover the first year’s rent and overheads. We are just a group of ordinary people. We aren’t rich, and we have no background in fundraising for such things, but we need your help and the help of the public at large. So, we are asking for donations so that we can fund this drop-in centre but we really need someone out there to help us grow, so that we can run this much-needed service not just in our town but throughout the country.”

Parents Against Grooming have set up a GoFundMe page, and you wish to help in their fight against this abuse of kids you can donate here

Click here to support Paguk Walk in Centre organised by Billy Leckie Howarth

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