Hello everybody!

It’s good to be back. Thanks to all those who have sent me warm welcoming messages of support this past 10 days or so.

I like no-brainer decisions. Over the last 12 months, I have had three of them.

The first being almost exactly 12 months ago when I resigned from UKIP. This resignation was due to two things. One, the election of the waffle-talking, establishment-leaning liberal Mr Bolton as Leader and two, Nigel Farage’s disparaging and inaccurate remarks about the 2nd place leadership election finisher Anne Marie and more importantly by implication the 2754 members that voted for her.

My second no-brainer decision was recently resigning not only as the Deputy leader of For Britain but also from the Party. Whilst I have much respect for Anne Marie’s thoughts and words on both the issues of Brexit and Islam, the same cannot be said on her proposed words in her forthcoming manifesto, to be published this coming Sunday, on that other crucial and defining issue, that of Immigration. I found myself thinking her proposed words were extreme and lacking clarity for British businesses that need to employ foreign workers. When I attempted to point out to her that businesses deserve, nay need, unambiguous clarity when it comes to employing essential foreign temporary workers, her response was … I will be professional here, extremely disappointing. Some would say early onset autocracy had developed. A lapdog poodle I am not!

The third no-brainer decision for me was re-joining UKIP, the party I proudly represented in the Milton Keynes North constituency at the 2017 General Election. The days following my resignation, given face to face to Anne Marie, I received many warm words of encouragement from a good number of UKIP friends to re-join. Gerard’s warm message to me was pivotal.

I would like to take the opportunity to mention one member in particular: Jags, my Sikh friend from the Wellingborough branch. We have almost daily been in touch with each other for the whole of the last 12 months. A man I consider a good buddy, Jags is a shrewd political operator and I would recommend anybody go and seek this guy out and ask him about the rise of Islam and Sharia Law in this country from his perspective. Those that are dismissive still of the problem, you could well learn a thing or two if you took heed.

Talking of Islam, I will be supporting any moves to allow Tommy Robinson to join the Party. I have been following the man for over 3 years now. Do not listen to the MSM portrayal of him, but I do implore you all to watch his compelling and moving 1 hour 41-minute recent interview with Ezra Levant of Rebel TV. Tommy Robinson is the victim of a sustained political witch-hunt by our British government. We should be extending an offer to help him in stopping this persecution. This man has the trust and ear of millions of ordinary Brits, with many of these ordinary people being from the part of the 33% of the electorate that does not engage in politics because they feel completely unlistened to by “politicians”. I believe that this is an opportunity; the least we should do is have a grown-up debate.

Mr Nuttall and Mr Farage used to bang on about UKIP needing to be radical. Well, go on then! Let’s be radical and change the record. The record, the UKIP record, needs changing.

I will be attending both days of this weekend’s Conference. With the assistance from my two friends Catherine Blaiklock and Russell Hicks we have booked a fringe meeting room (Exec room no 1) for Friday morning at 10.30am. I would be delighted to meet as many as possible at this meeting and go into a bit more detail of my year with Anne Marie and my thoughts on that other key issue of Brexit, not to mention my thoughts on the erosion of free speech, the state of our prisons, the left wing hate mobs etc. etc. I fully intend to have a question and answer session at the end of the meeting too.

Thanks to all those that have worked so hard in my absence to keep the UKIP ship on the field of play and thanks for letting me back in ☺ . I look forward to meeting as many old and new friends as possible this Friday and Saturday.

Warmest regards

Jeff Wyatt

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