An open letter to all candidates for the leadership of UKIP:


In July 2019 we will lose our MEPs, their salaries, their allowances for staff and offices, and access to the funds of ADDE and IDDE. The few remaining paid staff will have to work Stakhanovite hours if they are to keep up with requirements, and in busy campaign periods will cause bottlenecks and delays entirely because they are required to do more than is humanly possible.

The major loss of paid staff means that we must rely on volunteers

to carry out the necessary work and to fund our General Election Campaign.

In order to attract the maximum number of volunteers to execute the policies decided by the Leader and Governing Body executive activity will have to be devolved to local manageable areas, in which members can drive to a central meeting place within one hour ie. the Counties in England, and sub-regions in Wales, Scotland and London. (Adjustments may be required in the vast sub-regions of the Highlands and Mid & West Wales)

Currently County Branches consist of Chairmen only.

In his satirical depiction of Communism George Orwell described what happened: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, and so the pigs who were greedy for power reduced the other animals to an inferior status, and worked the faithful carthorse to death.

The Orwellian model has no place in a democratic party.

It is insulting to the members who are excluded, and by excluding talent is damaging to the Party.

The Chairman-only model is wholly inadequate to carry out the necessary executive tasks now envisaged.

Dr Alan Sked our first Leader placed this Party in the centre of the classical liberal tradition and in opposition to the top down governance of the pigs in the EU, which was destroying democracy. That was the point of the Party !

Democratic County Branches made up of all of UKIP members’ talents will be able to receive requests from the Leader and Governing Body and to action on them locally.

The County Branches will need the usual complement of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus probably a membership secretary, minute secretary, press officer, fundraiser and every other functionary they can think of, to break the work down into manageable units.

County Branches will be responsible for ensuring that those Constituency Associations which are fully operational should never be interfered with, but that Constituencies which are less well developed are helped in every way.

The County Branch will provide a forum for all members in its constituencies to meet each other, to hear visiting speakers, to overcome the enemy of isolation, and to develop camaraderie, so as to be prepared for campaigning.

All UKIP members within the County will be members of the County Branch.

The constitution for a County Branch will be the same as for a Constituency Association.

Democratic County Branches will be an attractive focus for donations

We had more than 400 Patrons 2 to 3 years ago. Over 200 Patrons have left us!

Patrons need to know where their money is going, and have lost confidence in a party which does not tell them where their money went.

Patrons will give generously to a focussed campaign which is run with financial integrity.

County Branches producing proper accounts will attract donations.

UKIP is a pressure party. Our pressure forced Cameron to call a Referendum, which we won.

Now our task is to overcome backsliding Tories, impractical Corbynistas and treacherous Blairites to secure our exit from the EU and to provide voters with a free trade, free enterprise party with private sector solutions to social problems like housing, and principled opposition to the Marxist programmes which have so beguiled the younger generation.

Democratic County branches can co-ordinate local campaigns, and re-build the Party, based on the policies already identified by the Institute for Economic Affairs, the Taxpayers’ Alliance, the Freedom Association, and our very own Professor Tim Congdon and Gerard Batten MEP.

After July 2019 when the MEP model of funding collapses we will have the nightmare of managing the major requirements of the next General Election with even fewer paid staff.

The inadequacy of HQ staff at the recent General Election is going to get worse.

The Democratic County solution is essential to provide the Executive Deficit.

No other solution has been proposed !!!!!!

UKIP will fail in the next General Election if we do not adopt the Democratic County model.


Hugh Moelwyn Hughes,

A Founder Member of UKIP.


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