Dear Striking Teachers,

I am afraid I am unable to support you in your industrial action. I don’t believe that our children’s education should be affected by your decision to take strike action because of a dispute over pay.

What is wrong with performance related pay? There should be no reason to resist it, unless you’re not performing – in which case, should you really be responsible for the education of our children? And how about pensions – why you are disputing your pensions is beyond me as you are ranked as number 7 in the UK for pension provision!

I would like to point out that we have just come through a recession. You ought to be glad of a job – especially one that has still given you a pay rise, long holidays, and a pension at the end of it! There are a lot of people out there who would chew their right arm off to have what you do. So much for “We’re all in it together”.

Furthermore, as parents our incomes are severely affected by this strike. If you cannot adequately staff schools then it is only fair that you pay us the fine you recently informed us that we would have to pay for any unauthorized absences – £60 wasn’t it?

I wonder if any effort has gone into finding supply teachers for the day? I know that there are a lot of teachers not participating in the strike – they either don’t agree with it or they belong to a different union, either way I’m sure there are a lot of supply teachers willing to pick up a days pay.

Finally, how is it setting a good example to our children that those responsible for educating them decide that the benefits from their job are more important than showing up to do their job? I strongly disagree with striking – it never causes problems or hurts those being targeted. What problem is this going to cause the government? Our poor children are the only ones who will suffer, and all this teaches them is this: if you don’t like your job for any reason, throw your toys out of your pram and go on strike! That is not the answer, the answer is quite simple: If you don’t like your current job, you could always try another one. Someone needs to put their pride aside and end this unnecessary conflict, for the sake of our children.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!


Leanne Barnes is an account manager, and mother to her five-year-old son. Being a mother has inspired her to become involved in politics, as she wants Britain to be Great again – for her son’s sake. She tweets at @politichick_RW


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