After reading this Gatestone article I sent the following letter to my Constituency MP (Lab):

Dear xxx,

Have you read the Koran – all of it? Or the hadith or sira?  Have you educated yourself about Islam?

As you are the MP for my Constituency, I would like you to read the attached Gatestone Institute article and tell me what MPs, including you, are doing about the blatant Islamisation of our country.  I never hear questions about it being asked in the House of Commons, despite the fact that it is the most important issue for today, tomorrow and far into the future.  Are MPs blind, deaf and dumb or just incredibly cowardly?

The writer of the article is perfectly correct when she says that the growth of so-called right-wing groups is entirely the result of the political establishment’s failure.  I used to be a lab/lib idiot myself in the distant past, but now I long to see the success of a party – any opposition party – that will stand up for British people in their own country and abolish sharia courts, halal slaughter, child marriage, FGM, ‘honour crimes’, wife-beating under sharia, marital rape under sharia, sexism within sharia, misogynistic treatment of females under sharia, government and ‘charity’ funding for organisations that promote islam and, most shocking of all, the systematic grooming, drugging and rape of young British girls by racist muslim gangs that have been swept under the carpet by the authorities for decades, and are still going on.

I am well aware that some of these sickening outrages are crimes under BRITISH law, but it appears that Muslims get away with breaking British law while the police and other authorities look the other way.  It seems the police obey orders from above to ignore sexual crimes committed against British girls and women by Muslims for the sake of some illusory ‘community cohesion’.  This is wicked injustice and will not be forgiven.

Why does the government pander to Islamic aggression and allow their flouting of the law to go unpunished?  Why, if someone criticises Islam, which is a hateful, anti-semitic and anti-non-Muslim ideology, are they arrested by the Thought Police and punished for so-called hate speech?  Why is “Islamophobia” (an entirely bogus term) stamped on, while Islamania is allowed to flourish?  Why are people such as Robert Spencer and Martin Sellner, who want to address audiences in the UK who want to hear them, banned and deported in utter defiance of the precious concept of Free Speech, a vital component of Democracy?  Please do not attempt to fob me off with PC multicultural diversity integration ROP claptrap.  I stopped believing in that false propaganda years ago, along with millions of others who are not blind, deaf, dumb or stupid.

Does the political establishment intend to stand back and watch while Islamaniacs further their plans to add the UK to the 50 or so countries that were brutally conquered or Islamised into dhimmitude over the last 1400 years?  It is not good enough to spout idiocies about what a tolerant country we are.  Intolerable things are happening which deserve zero tolerance, the same as domestic brutality.

Perhaps those at the top are just biding their time, perfecting an ingenious stratagem to halt this country’s slide into a future nightmare Islamic tyranny by halting the excessive Muslim birthrate and strictly enforcing exclusively British law on every citizen equally and without exception.  If so, I think they should begin now, before it’s too late.

I am 70 years old and glad that I’m near the end of my life because I have never seen this beloved country in such a bad way and hurtling towards an even worse future.  All of you in the mainstream parties are to blame, so fixated on your own ideologies and careers that you resemble the pathetic appeasers of the 1930s who tried to ignore Churchill’s warning of an evil ideology that aimed for a 1000-year Reich in Europe.  The Nazis lasted about 20 years; Islam, a political ideology akin to Nazism but much more dangerous, has been rampaging through countries for 1400 years and by 2070 will have more followers than any other ‘religion’ in the world.  Convert, dhimmify or die: these are the three choices given to victims when Islam gets the whip hand.

Regards, Pamela Preedy

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