Dear Sirs,
I very much hope that this letter is unnecessary; however the fact that none of us presently know this for sure has meant that I felt it had to be written.

Unfortunately, because one of UKIP’s prospective Leadership candidates felt it necessary to wash UKIP linen in public, backed up by others in various ways, it is now widely known that there is open warfare in UKIP once again.
It is bad enough that a Leadership candidate as well as her supporters including an elected UKIP MEP and a UKIP Councilor have been publicly smeared as neo-Nazi and far right (whatever that means) – slurs which have been gleefully seized upon by MSM – almost as bad, to my mind, is the uncertainty being allowed to fester in the minds of both the public and members surrounding the eligibility of Candidates standing in the Leadership contest.

Thanks to the unwelcome exposure in the MSM, this Leadership election UKIP is under scrutiny as never before.  I gather from Mr. McWhirter on UKIP Daily that candidates are to be subject to a scrutiny panel, but because of the actions of some who decided that publicity was the way to tarnish a particular candidate, in the minds of the public such ‘scrutiny’ is now completely discredited, as you can see for yourselves on social media.

I am sure that members of every Political Party routinely have to defend that Party and its Leaders against accusations of corrupt practice, and in the case of Parties who have been in power there is probably an inevitable truth in such accusations. UKIP’s strength was that it was different. We were proud of being different – as Nigel famously said, controlling UKIP was like herding cats, and we were proud of that! It showed that members of UKIP were independent thinkers, and did not pander to MSM groupthink. We could not be corrupted.

However, I am extremely disappointed that I now have to regularly defend UKIP on Twitter from comments that UKIP is now corrupted and no different from any other Political Party.  ‘Keep the Faith’ is the slogan I have come up with to counter the many daily accusations that this Leadership election will not be fair and open, and that not all candidates will be allowed to stand because one has been smeared by others as ‘a one trick pony’ (before her manifesto was launched) as well as ‘divisive’. Anne Marie has not descended to the gutter politics that have been used against her personally more than once, by one or other Leadership candidate whose words and insinuations, I contend, are what have led to this widely held perception of division and open warfare. And that you, the Powers That Be, intend to block Anne Marie from standing because of this. The so called ‘scrutiny panel’ is simply seen by commenters as a way of passing the buck.

Our Party, UKIP, is under the microscope as never before. Like it or not, Anne Marie is known and respected by many who have been able to hear her speeches thanks to social media. From the reformer Imam Tawhidi, in Australia. to University lecturer Gad Saad in Canada. If she is barred from standing for the Leadership of UKIP, the Party she is known to have stuck by through thick and thin, then our Party will rightly deserve the contempt it will receive from all who admire Anne Marie Waters all over the world.  It will finally be game over for UKIP which will be completely discredited in the eyes of the public, this time, fatally.

I take no pleasure in having to say any of this. You may be well aware of what is being said about UKIP, including about those that run the Party. You may, hopefully, have already taken most of the steps needed to get rid of these perceptions for good.

All I ask is that ALL the candidates, including those I consider have smeared me and many other supporters of Anne Marie be allowed to stand in the forthcoming Leadership Election, so that UKIP members can make their own free and independent choices as to who they wish to elect. I would ask you both to make that completely clear as soon as possible, so that all doubts about the openness and fairness of this election, and about those that are currently running UKIP, can be laid to rest, once and for all. And whoever is elected UKIP Leader will be able to lead secure in the knowledge that no one will have anything to complain about, and we can all move forward together.
Whoever wins, this can be the beginning of a great new chapter for UKIP, with Direct Democracy taking us to new and exciting places – truly a Party of the people and for all the people of Britain. It’s up to you.

Deirdre Trotman

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