Dear Mr. Elliott,

First off and most importantly, I am as ‘Leave’ as you can possibly get and utterly detest the EU and the way it believes a homogenous continent is the future. But it is precisely for this reason that I am driven to write this letter to you and all at Vote Leave, over concerns about the way the campaign is being run. I implore you to read this, long as it is. What you do with it, however, is completely up to you.

I try to watch the news and follow the papers in the same way that I imagine most people do generally – and to most ordinary people, ‘media’ is how they will get their EU referendum information. I have to say that it is as clear as day that the ‘Remain’ media campaign is completely trouncing you. We are literally being bombarded almost daily with a seemingly unending torrent of pro EU information – to the point that many voters will eventually be swept up in it and vote to remain, even though their heart will want to leave. What we hear and see from ‘Remain’ is report after report, talk after talk, world leader after world leader, financial institution after financial institution, business endorsement after business endorsement etc….. all campaigning forcefully for staying in the EU.

But the ‘Leave’ media campaign by comparison is hardly a whisper – in fact, the overwhelming majority of ‘Leave’ media is reduced to mere soundbites and interview responses to the wealth of ‘Remain’ media. Where are the ‘Leave’ reports, the talks and the endorsements etc – surely you must be aware of how behind you are in this respect? Why aren’t you very publicly taking to task every report with the same gusto that the ‘Remain’ team promote it? We all know there are many high level employers and businesses and organisations that want to leave – why are you not promoting this to the nth degree and why are you not holding big talks with these people in the same way that ‘Remain’ is?

Deciding, after you’ve lost, that you should have done more is something past general elections should teach you just doesn’t cut it with the public. You only get one chance at this, remember?

What frustrates me and probably millions of other ‘Leave’ voters up and down the land the most, is that, to date, you haven’t published a detailed view on what the UK can look like out of the EU. A few paragraphs on a website and the odd article here and there is not what’s required. Publishing and promoting something akin to the SNP’s ‘White Paper’, that’s what is required. I truly cannot see you winning the referendum without it because, above all else, it says to the country that you don’t really have an idea about what to do and that there is no real plan drawn up once we leave the EU.

Now, I know that isn’t true, but many will believe it. Many people want to leave the EU but will still reluctantly vote to remain, solely because you haven’t given them the confidence to believe in leaving! They are looking for leadership, and at the moment there is no leadership from you to give them confidence. But in the form of a published and detailed plan for the future, this will give those voters confidence in you. Not having one will almost certainly lose you the referendum.

Also, promoting any country other than the UK as a model is completely wrong in my opinion, as the ‘Remain’ campaign can tear it to shreds every time and make you look like fools. The Albania model for instance really was not a good thing to say, especially after the Albanian Prime Minister ridiculed it. We only need one model – the UK model. And for this, as outlined in the previous paragraph, we need a detailed analysis of what this would be.

Leaving the EU is leaving the EU and it doesn’t matter a jot who you need to work with to effect this. The Electoral Commission may well have chosen you as the principal campaign, but the ‘Leave’ strength will come from all points of view from all ‘Leave’ organisations. It is right and proper that multiple groups exist to put their points across, as different groups will appeal to different people. One size cannot fit all – and I can’t believe that you of all groups will want to follow a principle that the EU adopts! No-one will be able to debate David Cameron better than Nigel Farage, because David Cameron is only really used to the type of managed questioning that only Westminster types ask. Against Nigel Farage, he really will have a hard time, and that will appeal to millions, especially traditional Labour voters who are undecided. This is important when you consider that Labour voters are being asked to support ‘Remain’. The excellent Michael Gove will do equally as well for those undecideds who would rather listen to him for their information. This is why you need all sides of the debate doing their bit, not just ‘Vote Leave’ personnel for every aspect!

As we all know, the EU has created – and is in the process of creating – some astonishingly crippling regulations. So many people to this day still have no idea of how much the EU affects all our daily lives in all areas. Why are you not highlighting on a daily basis  these directives and the harm they do?

One of the now legendary statements used in this referendum is people saying ‘we need the facts’. Well then, show the country these regulations and tell the country what damage they are causing – you can’t get more factual than that! This is the type of information that could genuinely change people’s minds and cause those who are undecided to decide to vote to leave. As EU regulations are what’s destroying the idea of a sovereign Great Britain, why aren’t you telling the whole country the reality of these directives, example after example?

When you consider the polls are neck and neck, despite the perpetual barrel bombing of reports/talks/endorsements etc of ‘Remain’, then you should up your game and do the very same thing, topped off most importantly with a ‘White Paper’ that details what the country will look like after exit. Then there is every chance ‘Leave’ will pull ahead. But as it stands today, from an ordinary person’s point of view, it really seems as if the ‘Remain’ campaign is streets ahead in every conceivable way, thanks to promoting their side of the argument. It’s not about whether it’s true or not, but this is the perception.

I truly hope there is a plan behind this seemingly lacklustre media campaign to put the ‘Leave’ case across. If not, then I fear we will be remaining in the EU and all the post referendum recriminations will be too late.

With respect, you do not hold the monopoly in knowing what needs to be to done to win this referendum. Therefore, my final word is this: if you know now that you aren’t doing enough, then change it immediately before it really is too late. If we remain in the EU and you know you could have done a better job in any way whatsoever, you will never be forgiven by the people wanting to leave!

Thank you for your time and I wish Vote Leave all the very best for a successful and winning campaign.

Yours sincerely,

Rupert Keyzar

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