An appeal to Mr Gove, Justice Secretary of Her Majesty’s Government.

The EU threat to our legal safeguards of personal freedom must be debated!

Christopher Gill, who is Hon. President of The Freedom Association and was for many years MP for Ludlow as well as a Maastricht rebel, and I have been trying desperately to get the message about the EU’s threat to our personal freedom out into the public debate before the referendum, establishing the following points of well-documented fact:

  • We in Britain are the heirs to Magna Carta and its safeguards for personal freedom from arbitrary arrest and lengthy imprisonment on no evidence.On the continent their criminal-law systems are derived from the Inquisition through the ‘Code Napoleon’.The two systems are totally different and incompatible.
  • The EU’s Corpus Juris project will set up a single system of criminal law for the entire EU territory, based on Napoleonic-inquisitorial principles.It will erase our ‘Trial by Jury’, ‘Habeas Corpus’, and other hard-won safeguards.
  • The EU first presented Corpus Juris in 1997-8, but met with startled opposition from Britain (Kate Hoey MP and others).Brussels therefore realised that if they insisted and tried to bulldoze it through by QMV as they had been planning, there was a risk that the British people would see the danger and clamour to leave the EU.So they set aside the full project for the time being, and decided to proceed one step at a time.
  • They have already introduced the European Arrest Warrant, and are setting up the European Public Prosecutor, who will be able to issue EAWs against Britons in Britain, side-stepping our opt-out from his direct jurisdiction. .
  • If we vote to Remain, we will have locked ourselves into the EU irrevocably.We will have handed the key over to our captors.That is all that Brussels needs to move forward swiftly and give us the full nine yards of this alien justice system.And then the armed paramilitary European Gendarmerie Force, already up and running, will be sent over with Mrs May’s consent (she refused to rule it out), to ensure its enforcement.Our subjugation will be complete.

These key issues have so far never been debated fully in the media or in any major public forum.

Yet, as the comments to our articles on these pages show, they are game-changers. They are dynamite. They can surely sway millions of voters once the facts are public knowledge.

We need to overcome a credibility gap. The prospect sounds so outlandish that the reaction of the average Brit who has lived all his life under the shield of Magna Carta is not to believe it.

It therefore requires a highly authoritative voice to tell the people of Britain about it.

As luck would have it, amongst the cabinet members onside, we have the current Justice Secretary Michael Gove, the previous Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, and Justice Minister Dominic Raab. Yet not one of them has raised their voice to warn the people about this fearsome danger threatening all our freedoms if we vote to Remain.

Christopher and I are convinced that this is simply because they are uninformed. They may never have heard of the Corpus Juris project. It has not been talked about for 17 years or so! We know that government ministers get their information from their researchers and from civil service staff. Researchers are usually too young to have heard of this, and the civil service “Yes Minister”-types, even if they know about it, are most unlikely to tell their Ministers.

We do not have direct access to the ears of these Ministers. The access must be direct, not through secretaries or researchers, or civil servants, who would filter these themes out of sight.  We therefore appeal to all those leading members in the “OUT” campaign who do have access or occasion to talk to Gove, Grayling and Raab, to put these facts before them, and to ask them to raise their voices to warn the nation.

If the Justice Secretary of HMG tells the people about this danger, he will certainly be taken seriously, and the MSM will not be able to avoid reporting his words.And if he is backed by his predecessor in office, and by a junior Minister, the argument will be most compelling.

Most of the arguments in this campaign have been about economics.But there are still a large number of people who are undecided.They are evidently unmoved by the economic arguments.

They may well be moved by facts and arguments regarding our personal freedom, the very basis of what it means to be British, the supreme value to preserve which our forefathers have fought for and many laid down their lives to keep for future generations.

Here is a selection of comments to the articles we have posted on UKIP Daily so far:

On “History of the EU’s attempt to take over UK criminal justice” by Torquil Dick-Erikson (15/2/16)


This article has inspired me to work harder than ever to persuade people to vote LEAVE. (…) Can’t this article be sent to the Daily Express or to UKIP HQ where,say, Patrick O’Flynn could present it for popular readership?

Peter Gardner:

Truly alarming.

Michael Keal:

Thank you so much for writing such a well-written and much needed article highlighting the very foundations upon which our freedom stands. (….)

We tend to take for granted the brilliant legal system we have in the UK and would only come to fully appreciate the full extent of it if we had it taken away from us. As pointed out law abiding citizens might well believe that as they aren’t criminals this wouldn’t touch them.

Roger Turner:

A wonderful clear warning about the “ever closer” drift to Corpus Juris, which will be unstoppable should we not vote LEAVE. (…) Please take note everybody of this valuable article –  it is the real biz unlike the dire faux warnings being manufactured by Cameron…

Roger Turner:

I made a comment under another thread regarding the Dangers of Corpus Juris and I can only emphasise that Torquil Dick-Erikson`s campaign must be pursued and brought into the MSM discussion

On “Magna Carta and Europe….” by Torquil Dick-Erikson (10/3/16)


This amazing fact alone should galvanise everybody in the UK to want to leave the EU

On “The Elephant in the Room” by Christopher Gill (12/3/16)


They will certainly think about it if it is snatched away and replaced by an inferior system. Trouble is, it’s hard to explain to people in a brief, coherent way especially if one’s own legal knowledge is limited.
Among the great and the good ‘Outers’, surely there are men and women qualified in law and able to produce material or a public broadcast setting out the dangers we face in a way that alerts the voters and adds another excellent reason to vote LEAVE on 23rd June.

Roger Turner:

This is the second article on here I have read, pointing out the dangers of Corpus Juris..
While we readers are well warned I am not hearing anything much “out there”.
I was out as a “rookie” canvasser this morning and I don`t recall one conversation that mentioned EAW or Corpus Juris (TTIP was mentioned once – by me).
I can well see it could be a game changer for the “not made their minds up”, but without a wider public knowledge – we can forget it!

(Ed: This issue is hugely important – so important that our Remainiacs in politics and the MSM won’t talk about it. Do link to this wherever you can, and do write to your MP giving this link. Write to your local papers, talk about this when campaigning for BREXIT, do not let it rest!)

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