Dear (insert name after 8th June 2017 …….…………….) MP,

Now that the UK is leaving the European Union, isn’t it about time the  apparently “obsolete” law called Statute of Praemunire (1392), repealed by the Criminal Law Act 1967, be brought back into active legislation for the EU? It was a law designed to stop Papal jurisdictions from having influence or supremacy inside the UK by making it an offence of asserting or maintaining papal or foreign jurisdiction imperial or foreign or some other alien jurisdiction or claim of supremacy in England against the supremacy of the monarch.

It is now time to reintroduce an updated version for the EU and other globalist subversive ideological groups, who have a sinister desire to rule over us or interfere in public policy or even campaign to subsume the United Kingdom into a supranational institution that would have supremacy over the UK.

In the interest of national security & nation state sovereignty all globalist groups and members of them who actively campaign and plot to strips our great country of its right to self-determination (e.g. Bilderberg Group, Tri-Lateral Commission, Royal Institute for International Affairs and other Illuminati type groups) be classed as extreme and placed on a blacklist as if they were from the Nazi and Communist parties.

The Statute of Praemunire was only one of numerous stringent measures passed for the purpose of restraining the Holy See and all forms of papal authority in England, and of eliminating in general the influence of foreign powers, especially creditors and the Holy Roman Emperor. Because the Papacy had long claimed a form of temporal supremacy over England and Ireland, from the beginning of the 14th century, papal intervention had been particularly active, more especially in two forms. The one, the disposal of ecclesiastical benefices before the same became vacant to men of the pope’s own choosing; the other, the encouragement of resort to himself and his curia, rather than to the courts of the country, for legal justice.

It is my firm belief that, if this legislation of a similar manner and force is not brought in for the EU in particular, Brussels will continue to promote schemes in the UK to undermine the Westminster Parliament and devolved regions as well as many other UK institutions by buying influence wherever they can, even deciding or influencing how public service vacancies are filled, contracts are awarded and policy is proposed and delivered: effectively paying for a chorus of UK elected or appointed officials or public institutions to sing the EU’s and other international bodies praises and legislate and award contracts accordingly. That funding maintenance and influence has to be blocked if not made illegal in the public domain.

Remember the saying “who pays the piper calls the tune”? What if the piper has two or more paymasters? Whose tune will the piper play for? I think we’ve come to know which one they have a heavy bias to play for now! Some have called it the EU gravy train, but it’s actually a form of legalised bribery and corruption, designed by politicians and bureaucrats with a globalist bent to cream money off the top for themselves and their cronies in big corporations, to subvert the democratic and public institutions of this country towards further EU integration.

I would propose amendments to the new Statute of Praemunire Bill (2017) to also include:

1/ To be an offence for any political parties or organisations or political charities in the UK and NI, publicly elected or appointed officials, Civil Service employees, military personnel, MPs, judicial members, to be in receipt of foreign funding, through employment, grants, financial securities, bonds or shares, loans, EU pensions (now or in the future) grace and favours from any foreign agency, international banking, international corporations,  including the EU.

2/All publicly elected or appointed officials and civil servants to declare any vested and ideological interests they have and membership or association of any foreign or international agency or organisation now or the past, society secret or not, to an official public standards board. This may or may not affect their appointment but failure to disclose this information (which will be available to the general public after freedom of information requests) at the time of election or appointment and any existing after Brexit has concluded could mean instant dismissal or suspension or demotion with no right of appeal.

3/To disqualify anyone who accepts continued or new employment or be affiliated with any EU agency or EU part or fully funded organisation from playing in a public service capacity.

4/To be made an offence for any public servant to receive EU funding or loans or pensions, or employment executive or non-executive positions with any EU agency or EU funded organisation or any other foreign agency or any international corporation or organisation their public office had influence over providing government or council contracts, or participated in legislation affecting those organisations or policy decisions, for a period of up to 10 years after they have terminated their service in public life.

5/To be an offence and/or disqualify from public funding for any UK Universities, schools and other national educational establishments or publicly owned bodies, government or local government department or privately owned corporations working in a public capacity to promote, maintain or receive funding from the EU.

6/ To be an offence for Monnet Professors to teach or hold events anywhere in the UK & NI or have any Jean Monnet scholarship programs in any school, college or university, public or private in the United Kingdom & NI and UK Overseas territories.

7/ To be an offence for any TV or radio broadcast station in the UK or UK Overseas territories, to accept any EU funding,  EU grant money or grace and favours either directly or indirectly while providing a public broadcast service for the British public.

What do you say to this proposal?
Yours sincerely,

(- insert name -)

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