[Ed: Part I of Dr Tomasz Slivink’s Open Letter to Paul Nuttall was published yesterday.Part I of Dr Tomasz Slivink’s Open Letter to Paul Nuttall was published yesterday.]

When Theresa May called a snap election, we were completely unprepared. What happened to the promise to select our candidates well ahead of any election? Paul, you’ve been Leader since November. That’s long enough for some progress to have been made by now, yet there appears to have been none.

Subsequent to May’s announcement, each Party only got one chance to put its best foot forward, to share its grand vision. A 30-second ‘elevator pitch’ by which the voters can judge whether to consider us a contender, or ignore us.

I understand the NEC was working on such an announcement. Good or bad, I do not know, because it was all overshadowed and pre-empted by our announcement of the burkha ban – which no one who should have been involved in the decision to announce it was told about.

With this, we burned our one opportunity to make our elevator pitch. This is our grand vision? This is our elevator pitch? This is putting our best foot forward? This is why voters should vote for us now? This is why UKIP is now still relevant, post-Brexit referendum. Whether this was intended or not, this is the message we sent and this is the message the population at large has heard.

If there was an official announcement by the party after that, I don’t know what it is. I am sure nobody does, or if they ever did, remembers it. All they remember is the burkha ban.

It would do no good to say that this is not how it is, that the burka ban was just one policy announcement of many. Everyone gets just one opportunity to make a first impression, to give their elevator pitch, and for us, this was it.

Who could have been so incompetent? Instead of the burkha, can we please ban them instead.

I shall not go into the content of this policy, because Jim Carver and Seamus Martin (http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=3844) have already eloquently said all I would have said myself. Yes, the establishment is failing to protect the country from a deliberate and concerted invasion and cultural cleansing attempt, and yes, we must hold them to account. But do we do this by calmly advocating effective security policies and proper enforcement of existing laws, or by loudly expressing our hatred of Muslims and advocating draconian and poorly thought out policies, which do a great deal to infringe on people’s liberties, alienate voters (and thus diminish our chances of actually being able to do anything about it) and dismantle our efforts dispelling the (unfair and untrue at the time) accusations that we were a bunch of bigots and racists, while not in any obvious way being effective at protecting the national security.

The more important issue to me is that a policy – whether right or wrong – on this question should have been regarded as our top policy priority.

The frustrating and sad thing is that UKIP is, in fact, more relevant now than it has ever been. A proper Brexit is far from assured. And Brexit is just the first step of our long journey of freeing the ordinary, honest and hard working people from the establishment liberal elite parasites on their backs. This is the grand vision that our traditional members share, that is enshrined in our Party Constitution, that our traditional supporters/voters have come to expect from us. This is the reason that in 2014, 26% of the electorate turned from not voting to supporting us because none of the parties of the liberal elite social democratic consensus represented their views.

And that is, apart from being the honest and moral stance to take, the great historical opportunity, the thing in great demand among the voters in the zeitgeist of the present time. Red UKIP either fail to see this, or more likely, deliberately choose to ignore it, with the intent of deliberately making us irrelevant. And why do we ignore this? Because most of the ruling elite of UKIP now are themselves members of the Establishment elite: would-be professional careerist politicians albeit, to-date at least – and in my view thankfully forever – unsuccessful. The very sort of people we are not supposed to be!

We surely do not think that the voters, and our members, cannot see through that? Both have been voting with their feet, leaving us in droves. That is why we dropped from 26% in 2014 to 13% in 2016 to under 5% now.

Our shift – our unconstitutional shift – to the liberal-left elite in terms of policy has been explained as necessary in order to win elections. Those who honestly and genuinely hold onto our principles and beliefs are dismissed as being away with the fairies, and as having no idea how to win elections – mostly by the same person who espoused these principles in order to win the Cambridge seat in the last General Election which he claimed he believed he could win, which most of us knew was not winnable, and where he achieved results which were closer to the results typically achieved by the Official Monster Raving Loony Party than a mainstream political party, being one of our worst performing candidates, if not actually the worst.

Yet what we now do is put him in charge and follow his ideas for the whole party, for all of our candidates! What do you think will happen? Should we be surprised if the results are the same as his own personal lack of electoral achievement in Cambridge? Our local election results speak for themselves!

Paul, in your e-mail to members on May 5th, you wrote:

“In the local elections yesterday many excellent UKIP representatives lost their seats on county councils despite campaigning hard for re-election. Frankly, there is nothing they could have done in the face of a big national swing to the Tories.”

In some sense, this is true. There is nothing they could have done. Because nobody listens to them. Not the NEC. Not the MEPs. Not the party spokesmen. It’s all driven by a secret unelected cabal of our enemies within.

But it is not true that there is nothing we, as a Party, could have done!

For a start, we could begin following our Constitution and our traditional principles. And drop this Red UKIP a.k.a. new Old Labour agenda which is a betrayal of our Constitution, of our members’ and supporters’ beliefs, as well as being electoral suicide.

The local election results have nearly wiped the Party out. The Party cannot afford another wipeout in the General Election, if it is to survive at all.

We need to stop betraying our traditional supporters and members – not the envious and jealous losers but people who either never voted before, or did not vote for a very long time, and some former Tories, because the existing social democratic liberal elite consensus offered them no one to vote for – and return to our roots. Or we will die.

I implore you, Paul: do the right thing whilst there is still a Party left. Remove Red UKIP from their reins of behind-the-throne power and return the Party to where it belongs, to its roots. If you truly cannot, because it conflicts with your inner beliefs (and there is another issue, of whether the voters will believe you as the Leader, if you change direction again in this way), then please hand over the reins of the Party to someone else who will. But if you decide to leave, then please take Red UKIP away with you as you depart.

Best wishes,



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