Dear Prime Minister,

I keep getting emails from the Conservative Party asking me to support it with donations and votes. I will never support the Conservative Party in its present form, because it has utterly failed the British people. It has failed to honour its name and conserve the Britain we used to know as the home of free thought, free speech, free choice, true democracy, independence, sovereignty, and the dignity of our civilised culture and moral codes.

The rot started with Heath when he handed Britain to the EEC, and continued with most of the Conservatives since who told us endless lies about the real purpose of the EU, which was to reduce our nation to a province in a European super-state. The Conservatives lied further in pretending to control the untenable mass immigration maliciously encouraged by Blair, which has caused such damage to the prosperity and prospects of Britain’s historic people. We note the unconscionable delay in repealing the 1972 Communities Act and doubt the Conservatives’ intention of achieving a clean Brexit:- out of the single market, the return of our exclusive fishing rights, and the restoration of our British passport.

If the situation were not dire enough, there is an existential threat to the survival and predominance of the English, Scots, Welsh and Ulster Irish in the land that is their birthright and heritage; and you and your Party have helped to facilitate and promote this threat.

Do you know that you are referred to as ‘sharia May’ by many angry critics, owing to your continued support as Home Secretary and PM of the existence of sharia law and approximately 100 sharia courts in the UK?  Sharia ‘law’ has no basis in legality and accords no equality of status to women. Men can oppress women just as they please in sharia courts and deny them justice. These illegitimate courts infuriate the British people and they want to see them abolished.

Are you aware that a pub landlady in Stockton was told to take down her Union Flags (representing the Union that is so ‘precious’ to you) because they might ‘offend’ somebody?  Offend whom?  I think we can guess: a member of a ‘religion’ (which is actually a fascist political ideology) who has no right whatsoever to feel offended by anything in a country – our country – in which he/she chose to reside.  Crass incidents like this incense the British people and they want to see an end to them.

There are many extremely unpleasant and offensive things about islam: halal slaughter; eyehole burkhas; public segregation of the sexes; electoral corruption; madrassas and Trojan horse faith schools; misogynistic, homophobic, anti-semitic imams; sharia ‘lawcourts’; FGM (no prosecutions in 30+ years) ; forced marriages; mistreatment of womenfolk who refuse to obey men; ‘honour’ murders; anti-British islamic political groups; and preposterous public threats, regularly repeated, that the black flag of islam will fly over Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

The real British people are deeply offended by all these alien practices and attitudes, but what recourse do they have to voice their objections and outrage?  Apparently, none, certainly not free speech anymore.  They would be accused under the Orwellian ‘hate speech’ laws of ‘islamophobia’ – a contradiction in terms because there are many sound logical reasons to dislike, distrust and fear islam. So islam is protected and defended; free speech is not. This is bitterly resented by the British people and it fosters the very hatred that the ludicrous ‘hate speech’ laws are meant to suppress. Suppression does not work for long; it results in outbreaks of angry protest.

Have you heard about the man in his thirties in Bristol who placed bacon slices on the handle and doorstep of a mosque (no damage, just bacon)?  He was sentenced to one year in prison, where he died, at whose hands is unknown, and the authorities are being awfully slow in announcing the results of an inquiry. A petty protest, but a terrible punishment for a man who did not like what he saw happening in his country, and was representing the feelings of the majority outside the Westminster enclave. This is a scandal unreported by the BBC.

Has it occurred to you that muslims, with their multiple ‘marriages’ and large families and immigration rights are out-breeding the native Britons and will outnumber them at some point in the future?  (Maths doesn’t lie.) This will allow them to out-vote the rightful inhabitants of these isles by kidnapping democracy and taking over the country. Resistance would be met by the terrorism we see happening all over the world today. Our descendants will find themselves living in an islamic country, the same fate suffered by many Jewish, Christian and pagan peoples who were conquered by the swords of mohammed’s merciless warriors. The ‘religion’ promoted by that psychotic leader was founded on his rage at being rejected, the revenge he took on the ‘unbelievers’; his desire for conquest, power, wealth and slaves. No reform or modification of islam has been possible for 1,400 years because mohammed decreed death for any attempt to question or adapt it. Apostates are still condemned to death. As a Christian, are you unaware of, or do you just choose to ignore these facts?  Perhaps you could ask the Queen’s former chaplain, Gavin Ashenden, for his views. He revealed that an imam told him how the UK would certainly become muslim, and he need do nothing except wait.

Careless, thoughtless politicians from every mainstream party have betrayed the British people and allowed this situation to develop. ‘It couldn’t happen here’ is lazy, complacent thinking. Referring to islam as ‘the religion of peace’ shows complete ignorance of the koran and haditha. The ‘peace’ is for fellow-muslims who conform, not infidels.

As PM, the least you can do is abolish sharia and restore the supreme authority of British Law, under which all are equal. Much more needs to be done to safeguard the future of the British people in their own country. I hope that the danger we are in will be acknowledged and acted upon before it is too late.

Yours sincerely,


(Please note:  the lower case letters I have used for ‘islam’ and related words is deliberate and reflects my reluctance to accord it any respect at all, even capitals.  As a woman I am acutely aware that this ideology accords me no respect whatsoever.)


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