Up to and including 2010 I had always voted for the Conservatives in local and national elections and putting my cross by your party’s candidate was the extent of my political activity. However, you have changed that.

Against common sense, without mandate or demand, and in spite of multiple worried representations from a wide range of your activists, you chose to distort the time-honoured and long understood meaning of marriage – the union of one man and one woman. You blundered on wasting time with an unnecessary and pointless stunt of social engineering, which caused a major split in the parliamentary party and broad societal discontent. Civil partnerships were perfectly adequate to recognize that non-standard relationship. However, having shown such contempt for this fundamental human condition I wouldn’t put it past you to promote polygamy. You now seem capable of attacking anything traditional, important or revered if you think there is political capital for you.

hercules photoYet when it came to introducing something worthwhile and necessary, namely recall, not a word was to be heard for years. Only in the dying days of this parliament has action begun but, for good reason, that has been criticized. As for Europe, I don’t believe you can or will keep your promise. Even this month you continued to allow powers to be transferred  to Brussels. Far too many EU figures have made it clear that your room for bargaining is slight. If re-elected and you attempt a renegotiation, you may come back with some crumbs but you would then say they are sufficient and thus deny us the referendum that so scares the major parties. One moment the mainstream politicians say they answer to the people, that they are listening, and then the next they blithely ignore them and carry on as they please.

To watch you and Labour belatedly, cringingly and suddenly discover, and then flounder to address, what interests and worries people shows a singular lack of insightfulness, leadership and direction. Your sham pain is all too obvious, probably perfected while sipping champagne. Collectively you have avoided the big issues, largely of your own making, hoping they would go away. In trying to keep the corks firmly in the bottles you have previously suppressed talk on these matters by ignoring them, paying lip service or, if that failed, resorting to inflammatory and insulting language toward those who dare to confront your stale, stagnant and stifling scheme of things. That’s not democracy, that’s totalitarianism.

Whenever politicians speak of people it is always in the context of finance; we are either a burden on the state or a source of income for governments to spend, waste or give away. You think money is all we care about, that we can be bought – and preferably cheaply. Money is important but there is much more to life.

I note the petulant way you reacted to the loss of Rochester and the arrogant way you think you’ll take it back, as if it’s rightfully yours. Wrong – the people will decide whether to give it to you. What you need to understand is this: it is you, Mr. Cameron, who is no longer a true Conservative; it is you who deserted me, not vice versa. I don’t know how much of your domestic troubles stem from being in coalition but, whatever the reason, you appear weak, I don’t trust you, I don’t believe you and I have lost respect for you and your party. In the coming months I expect you to say much that sounds pleasing to get the Conservatives in power but then, if successful, and with fixed-term Parliaments, you will probably renege on much of that. I now feel very strongly about the current poor state of this country and its morally bankrupt politics and public services.

The 5th Labour of Hercules was to cleanse King Augeus’s stables, which housed 1,000 cattle. Decades worth of dung had accumulated. The mythical hero accomplished the task, much to the annoyance of the monarch, who had been confident it could not be done. Any insinuation by me of a similarity to the modern political situation in this country is wholly intentional.

One man and one party have brought courage, directness and hope to our insipid democratic process. He, not you, will get my support in May 2015.


Photo by archer10 (Dennis)   Photo by onlinejones

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