To Mr S. Crowther, Mr P. Oakden, Mr P. Wauchope, Mr P. Oakley and all members of the NEC:

We the undersigned are shocked, disappointed, and disgusted with the appearance of a letter which has been signed by fellow UKIP members with either an agenda to interfere with candidate selection or just have no logical understanding of the content of David Kurten’s comments in a questionnaire he completed in August.

UKIP is a libertarian party, a democratic party, and as such we should all be free to hold whatever personal views we wish, and to answer truthfully when asked about them. If fellow members do not agree with him, or any others, the response must not be an intolerant one such as calling for “suspension”, unfounded accusations of “ignorance” or “homophobia”, or briefing to militant media outlets – this is just lazy, brings the party into disrepute, and in our view has no place in UKIP. Indeed, the correct response in a party such as ours is to address the central point, debate the science and to be amicable. Whether we, the undersigned, agree with his personal views or not is immaterial to the central point of this letter, which is to wholeheartedly support David Kurten’s, indeed all UKIP members right to their own opinion and freedom of thought / conscience.

It is to be noted, however, that these rights are protected within the party by a set of rules on conduct, in particular:

W.1.6 Where a member’s comments or actions in public, online or in the public domain are related to UKIP or their political views, their comments should not be a cause of public misunderstanding of the Party or embarrassment to the Party.

W.1.7 The conduct of members must not be bullying or harassing of other Party members.

W.1.10 Any action which is in public opposition to the Party or its core aims, or which brings the Party into disrepute, shall be considered to be grounds for Disciplinary action under Section AA of the Rules of Procedure. [UKIP constitution- 2.5  The Party is a democratic, libertarian Party]

Of particular note is the appearance of Ms Suzanne Evans, whose name is prominent  on the letter, who has not only been previously suspended for interfering in the candidate selection process (reference Alan Craig), but is also a senior UKIP official as defined in the party rule book, thus subject to the following:

J.3.14 Party officials shall avoid any public criticism of other Party members online.

In summary, it is clear that Mr Kurten has broken no party rules, has not brought the party into disrepute and is indeed doing a fantastic job of highlighting the right of UKIP members to have both a differing view and of answering questions honestly. We should be promoting freedom of thought, not trying to stifle it as they do in the legacy parties. We are not the Lib-Dems, and we should not be hounding, harassing, and denigrating David like the intolerant far left do to their own on a daily basis when they don’t have the “right” views on everything.

We the undersigned, irrespective of our choice for leader, support Mr Kurten’s right to his own views, but would like firm action to be taken against any member who may have broken any of the party rules by writing, signing, and making public the LGBT open letter.

Signatories in support of the above letter:

Ryan Waters – Chairman UKIP Gravesham

Marilyn Laurence – UKIP Daventry

Raheem Kassam – Former chief advisor to Nigel Farage

Cllr Ryan Macpherson – UKIP Ashford group leader

Nicole Bushill – Chairman UKIP Chatham and Aylesford, UKIP Kent County Chairman

Terry Allen – YI South East Regional Chairman, Secretary – UKIP Gillingham and Rainham

Jonathan Wood – YI Treasurer – UKIP Gillingham and Rainham

Richard Palmer – Chairman – UKIP Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Arron Banks – UKIP donor

Ernie Warrender – UKIP Small Business Spokesman

Dean Palethorpe – Chairman UKIP Salisbury

G A Smith – UKIP Westminster and City – Patron member

Deirdre Trotman – UKIP Brecon and Radnorshire

Anish Patel – UKIP Barking and Dagenham (Former NEC member)

Debbie Caplin – UKIP Wirral

Karen Dovey – UKIP Seaford

Carol Allen – UKIP Wiltshire

Sam Pearson – UKIP Gravesham

Anthony Roberts – UKIP Llanelli

Cllr Gordon Davies – UKIP Stoke-on-Trent

Ricky Pengelly – UKIP East Devon

Helen Hims – Former UKIP Somerset County Chairman, UKIP Wells

Keith Acreman – UKIP Salisbury

Andrea Gray – Secretary UKIP St Austell and Newquay

Kevin Solly – Membership secretary UKIP St Austell and Newquay

Paul Daniels – UKIP Newcastle-under-Lyme

Mark Quinn – UKIP Forest of Dean

Pam Watts – Secretary UKIP Maidstone

Tina Brooker – Campaign manager UKIP Gravesham

Carl Davies – UKIP Wigan

[Ed: Ryan Waters has the electronic signatures of the undersigned above, and is prepared to provide them on inquiry. Contact please via the Editor.]

— oooOooo —


After publishing this open letter, Ryan Waters has received requests to add signatures of those who want to sing this letter as well. We decided to add the names to the list:

Keith Edwards – Secretary Cardiff Branch

Helena Windsor –  chairman, UKIP Surrey

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