If your MP is on the list below, please copy and paste this letter to him or her.  I cannot do that because it has to come from a constituent.  I also am in the constituency of Sir Oliver Letwin so that would be pointless.

78 Target Brexit MPs, all Conservative except Kate Hoey – Labour

Lucy Allan Iain Duncan Smith Esther McVey
Adam Afriyie Charlie Elphicke Nigel Mills
Nigel Adams George Eustace Anne Marie Morris
Richard Bacon Nigel Evans Sheryl Murray
Steve Baker Michael Fabricant Owen Paterson
Suella Baverman Mark Francis Sir Mike Penning
Bob Blackman Marcus Fysh Tom Pursglove
Crispin Blunt Zac Goldsmith Dominic Raab
Peter Bone James Gray John Redwood
Ben Bradley Chris Green Jacob Rees-Mogg
Andrew Bridgen Kate Hoey – Labour Laurence Robertson
Connor Burns Adam Holloway Andrew Rosindell
Sir William Cash Eddie Hughes Lee Rowley
Maria Caulfield Sir Bernard Jenkin Henry Smith
Rehman Chishti Andrea Jenkyns Sir Desmond Swayne
Sir Christopher Chope Boris Johnson Ross Thomson
Simon Clarke Gareth Johnson Michael Tomlinson
Robert Courts David Jones Craig Tracey
David TC Davies Sir Greg Knight Anne-Marie Trevelyan
Philip Davies Pauline Latham Shailesh Vara
David Davis Andrew Lewer Martin Vickers
Nigel Dodds Julia Lopez John Whittingdale
Nadine Dorries Jonathan Lord Bill Wiggin
Steve Double Craig Mackinlay Sammy Wilson
Richard Drax Anne Main William Wragg
James Duddridge Scott Mann


Dear Member of Parliament,

Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement is the BIG LIE.  It is not a negotiated agreement between the UK & EU at all. It is an attempted regime change by the EU of the governance of the UK to a Joint Committee of EU & UK Political Operatives who will legislate for the UK for nodding acceptance by Parliament.  The legislators would be removed from democratic accountability in a downsized version of EU governance.

The Transition Period has a theoretical minimum period of 2 years ending at the earliest on 31st December 2021, which can be extended by the Joint Committee to 31st December 2099.  IN OTHER WORDS, FOREVER, and that is the end of democracy in the UK.  The only way back from that would be an armed uprising by the people.

Theresa May will never stand down. She will fight to stay in position to drive through the EU take-over plan plus any further concessions to Labour to end democracy in the Mother of all Parliaments and advance the goal of Global Environmental Socialist Governance.

Changing the leader of the Conservative Party will not achieve Leave because of the arithmetic of the majority of MPs in the Commons being Remainers. This means that the Leave supporters in the party must defect to a new Leave or Brexit Party to bring down her government before her next attempt to get her deal through with the connivance of Labour.

A Leave or Brexit Party containing maybe as many as 77 Leave Conservatives and possibly some Leave Labourites would immediately become the third largest party and after 23rd May will also have the most MEPs of any UK party.

A General Election will be triggered by the defections when the present government loses its majority.  The Leave or Brexit Party will have sufficient momentum to attract the majority of the 17.41 million Leave voters who at present have no-one else to vote for.

According to Electoral Calculus in England, The Brexit Party as they presently are will achieve between 10 and 20% of the vote, meaning a significant inroad against the legacy parties but insufficient to get a single MP.

If the Brexit Party had a base including many of the Tories from marginal seats who are likely to lose them the whole dynamic changes.  Ex Tories might take with them half their previous supporters giving them around 15% plus the Brexit Party nominal 15% gives them a majority in most seats.  Add to that Tory defectors from safe seats and the result will be a complete shift of the balance of power in Westminster.

I feel sure that the result of the election will be at least 60 seats lost from Labour to Leavers. Change UK party of 11 seats is going nowhere and likely will be wiped out by Leavers.  The SNP could also lose at least 5 Westminster MPs to Leavers. That’s 71 potential Leave MPs.

When you consider that over 70% of Conservative voters are desperate to oust Theresa May and to leave the EU on WTO terms if all switched their vote to a Leave party that would be 219 MPs added to the 71 above making 290.

I don’t know which way it would go for the Liberals because the removal of the protest vote that they enjoyed in the local election, but any increase up to say 20 seats will be taken from Labour.  Independents might also do similarly well with protest votes increasing to as many as 20 seats taken equally from Labour and Conservative.

This would change the arithmetic of the Commons dramatically giving the Leavers around 290 seats, way ahead of their nearest rivals Labour with about 176, the Conservatives with about 94, the SNP with 30, LibDems with 20, Independents with 20, and DUP still with 10.

The Leavers would either form a minority government of 290, or a coalition with DUP to give 300, or a majority government with all the Independents to give 320.  That would be the end of Theresa May’s deal and the end of delaying tactics.  We would then be able to LEAVE on WTO terms.

Sometime soon there will be resignations or defections from the Conservatives sufficient to lose its majority.  Then based on present prediction by Electoral Calculus, with the Conservatives still holding together, a general election would result in Conservative 200 and Labour 310.  The new government would have the UK’s worst nightmare, a Labour + SNP, or Labour + Liberal coalition.

Is that what you want or are you going to take the bold step to stop it?

17.4 million voters want a party to vote for!

Yours faithfully,


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