This Open Letter to Jonathan Arnott MEP was sent in by our reader and contributor Rhys Burriss, NEC candidate:

As you know, Jonathan, I was rooting for Paul Nuttall to become our Leader all through the summer on this site. I was accused, correctly, of ‘banging on ‘ about it …

So you can imagine how pleased I am that we got here at last.

I hope he will campaign strongly on Proportional Representation, making common cause (why not?) with Greens, Lib Dems and fair-minded Labourites (there are a few)  on the subject, and equally with a Moratorium on all new immigration for five years whilst we attempt to sort out the dire housing crisis, esp. in the South.

I also think Paul is being overly modest in saying he hopes for the number of UKIP MPs to be in double figures by the next election. There is no reason at all why we should not aspire to emulate the SNP in terms of taking all but a few Labour seats in the North.

The aim should be MPs in three figures at least, whilst leaving open the possibility of a landslide from Labour to UKIP, i.e. UKIP simply wiping out Labour in England as they have been in Scotland. For the SNP it happened in one election – why not aspire to achieve the same for UKIP in England ?

The Labour spokespersons on radio the other day – Kinnock and Diane Abbott – just can’t bring themselves to say the words that mass uncontrolled immigration is bad news for the working class. 

Whilst they continue to squirm on the issue they are making UKIP’s case for us. So we need to keep harping on that subject, and let the Thornberries of this world choke to political death at their Camdenonian and Islingtonian dinner tables whilst they dine on despising the working classes who have given them their positions. How bizarre that they despise British workers who display the English and British flags, but praise Castro who festoons all Cuba with Cuban ones!

And let’s have Paul bring the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone and all those Geordie and Scottish and Northern Irish accented fish into the discussion as well: “You shall have a fishy, on a little dishy….. when the BREXIT comes in!”

Point out – why has it not been done already? –  to all the Remoaniacs what a huge boost to the economy of the barely surviving fishing towns and villages reclaiming our 200 mile EEZ will constitute – provided we get a proper hard Brexit, and not the Quisling cave in the Bank of England Governor and others are angling for. This is especially so for Scotland. Why is UKIP in Scotland not continually asking the SNP what objection they have to Scotland recovering its 200 mile EEZ? Is it something they actively object to?

As regards the issue of peerages for UKIP: again, just requesting a raft of 20 or so is playing the Establishment’s game. They’ll probably offer five … On the basis of our 4 million votes we should be demanding 100 working peerages to give us appropriate representation, which would still amount to less than 10% of the political peers in the House of Lords, whereas we achieved more than 10% of the popular vote and, I think, twice the vote of the LibDems: how many peers do they have?

OK, it’s an ambitious demand, and extremely unlikely to be granted in full. But if no raft of peerages is offered at all then please ask Paul Nuttall to consider launching a Judicial Review application to the High Court for a Declaration that the Government’s decision to refuse UKIP working peerages in some approximate relationship to UKIP’s standing with the electorate must be unlawful as being wholly unreasonable, in the Wednesbury unreasonableness sense.

Such an application is in my view highly arguable. It is not guaranteed success, but then the Remoaners’ application to stop the Government from activating Art 50 without a Parliamentary vote was not thought likely to succeed before it did so. However, just bringing the application would embarrass the Government and bring UKIP loads of publicity as it wended its way through to the Supreme Court, and would illustrate the need for a root-and-branch reform of the House of Lords. It would be open to UKIP to make valuable use of that publicity.

I hope you will be able to draw these points to Paul’s attention.

Respectfully, Rhys Burriss

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