Dear Prime Minister,


Now is a critical time not only for our country as a whole, but also for the future of your party in particular.  I therefore hope you will at least take the time to read this letter – and perhaps convey its contents to your cabinet and advisors. 

Given the parlous state of affairs over Parliament’s continued refusal to implement the result of the 2016 EU Referendum (despite the then Prime Minister’s written assurance that this would happen!), I was highly alarmed to see your new Chancellor of the Exchequer stating on the Andrew Marr Show recently that the Conservative Party “has no need of an alliance with anyone” in order to achieve success at the next General Election.  This was of course in answer to the question of whether or not advantage would be taken of Nigel Farage’s offer of a ‘non-aggression pact’ in order to reduce the currently high risk of the ‘Leavers’ vote being split in a great many constituencies, come the day of that election. Mr Javid went on to state, with breath-taking over-confidence bordering on arrogance, that “…we can stand on our own two feet”!  

Clearly, the results of the Peterborough and the Radnor by-elections, where Farage’s Brexit Party succeeded only in splitting the ‘Leavers’ vote and handing success on a plate to Labour and the Lib Dems respectively have failed to make any impression on Mr Javid.  I believe even you have discounted any possibility of an electoral agreement with the Brexit Party, despite the wisdom of such a strategy being blindingly obvious to the rest of us!

Is the Tory Party hierarchy so mired in hubris as to seriously believe that in constituencies populated by largely tribal Labour voters but who are also ‘Leave’ voters that they, on even just this one occasion, will actually vote ‘Conservative’?  Many of them would rather sever their own fingers than pick up that pencil to put a cross against the name of any Conservative candidate! They just might however be prepared to hold their nose and vote for a Brexit Party candidate as; A) they (as we all should) fear a Corbyn-led government and; B) want to see us out of the EU, as they voted for well over 3 years ago. There are a great many constituencies around the country where standing both Tory and Brexit party candidates against each other will have an entirely predictable negative result on the outcome.  Surely any fool can see this? 

As the South Norfolk Constituency Coordinator for ‘Vote Leave’ during the 2016 referendum campaign, I was acutely aware of the antipathy, bordering on hostility, demonstrated by Dominic Cummings towards Nigel Farage and there are those political pundits who firmly believe that it is this which lies behind the current intransigence being voiced by senior Tory party members.  Can I, probably speaking for a significant number of your supporters, therefore beseech you to metaphorically ‘bang some heads together’ and perhaps inject a modicum of common sense into the strategic ‘thinkers’ at party HQ?  

If we are ever to see Brexit delivered, the next General Election must return a strong majority of ‘Leave’ supporting MPs in Parliament, for it will be an election fought extensively on that single issue – a de facto 2nd Referendum if you like.  It is probably worth bearing in mind that many Brexit Party ‘registered supporters’ are also Tory Party supporters – or even members and that this common sense-driven approach might just win many of them back to the fold.

I would like to conclude this appeal to you and your colleagues with the old adage, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend’ and the heartfelt plea that egos, personal differences and personality clashes be cast aside for the greater good.  As I said in the opening paragraph, the future of your party and our country may depend on it.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey H Lazell

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