This Open Letter is by Liz Hazell, Councillor for Willenhall North, UKIP Group Leader on Walsall Council, Treasurer for UKIP Walsall Branch, Secretary for Councillors Associations (UKIP CA)


Open Letter to Veterans Against Terrorism

People are struggling to find even an email contact for you!

If there are veterans who want to join UKIP and even be considered as candidates in the May local elections – if they are in the West Midlands and Black Country then I need to know who they are. They may have issues, such as combat stress, which makes filling in forms to join up a real problem. Well this is one I can solve if people will please get in touch. We can have a signing up day and help people through the paperwork.

A major newspaper wanted to do the story that post Henry Bolton UKIP is gaining new members, but they could not get anyone to comment that this is indeed happening.

Please get in touch!

The political narrative is defined this year by the May local elections.

A vote for UKIP is a crystal clear protest vote for Out of EU Now. We are going and paying zero to Leave! The target for the troops is to hit the X on the ballot paper next to UKIP.

Have people organised postal votes? We can help!

Marches after May are useless politically if UKIP do not secure the X on the ballot paper.

If UKIP get the X on the ballot box, then marches mean something.

Please get in touch!

Good intentions, best wishes is not military strategy nor tactics.

Joining UKIP, becoming candidates, maximising postal votes, leafleting, organising car rides to the polls, well this is how you win the battle and eventually the war.

The media is the air war. The ground war is where we need the brave troops. Ideally with a few weeks training.

Soldiers need local briefings and specific deployment orders.

This is what being in a winning UKIP army requires.

I am sure other regions will offer signing up days if you provide contact details.

We can win this war but only by being realistic.

We lost every battle last year.  Rubbish generals. Think 1941.

We now need May 2018 to be 11 November 1942. When we won the second Battle of El Alamein.

As Churchill said: ‘Before it we never had a victory. After it we never had a defeat’.

If you live in the West Midlands and Black Country area please contact:

Liz Hazell on 07753320378, email:

Facebook page: Walsall North – Liz Hazell

Twitter: @LizHazellUKIP


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