Dear Paul,

We are relieved to see you back hale and hearty after your experiences in Stoke Central and we welcome your renewed commitment to the politics of confrontation – confrontation of the Establishment with the truth.

We also congratulate you on the listening exercise conducted recently with the South East Regional branch chairmen. We hope that this is a first step towards ensuring that communications between the party leadership and the membership develop into a proper two-way street – full duplex as we technocrats say. Now that Nigel is getting his life back the Party needs to find some new political antennae quickly, and we commend the membership as an excellent sounding-board for policy proposals.

Unhappily we note that you were not elected in Stoke, largely perhaps because Mrs May is now seen to have Brexit in hand and we didn’t provide the good citizens of Stoke with enough ideas about our post-2019 priorities. If we do not look beyond 2019 we will be rightly dismissed as a one-trick pony whose trick is now obsolete.

There is no shortage of truth to feed the confrontation with the Establishment. The “liberal left” have been whittling away at our traditional democratic rights for many years – by introducing trials in secret thus ensuring that miscarriages of justice cannot be identified, by restricting the cases which can be tried by a jury of our peers, by opting back into the European Arrest Warrant, by making it easier to deny residence to the foreign-born wife of a UK citizen than to deny it to foreign criminals.

By branding incidents with the “hate” and “racist” labels regardless of actual evidence, they distort the statistics, pervert the right to free speech, legitimise witch-hunts and stigmatise those who have been found guilty of no crime. They fail to prosecute the investigation of abhorrent criminal activity in immigrant communities for fear of the accusation of racism.

Most insidiously, they still threaten those newspapers that dare to publish the truth with the huge legal costs of those that would take action against them. This is a blatant attack on both the freedom of the press and our fundamental legal principle that the law of the land applies to all equally.

We have allowed the “liberal left” to facilitate electoral fraud (often within the  immigrant communities) by relaxing the checks on postal voting in the pursuit of electoral advantage. Our democratic foundations are under attack in a number of localities.

A similar attrition by stealth in the form of defence cuts over many years has left the Kingdom in a state where we have no aircraft carriers, and when we do get one it will have neither aircraft nor escort ships to keep it safe. Our destroyers have dodgy engines and new ones lack missiles in their launchers. Our army attracts insufficient recruits and our air force is reduced to a rump which cannot be in enough places simultaneously to meet a real threat. Our veterans are plagued by lawsuits funded and promoted by our own Ministry of Defence over spurious allegations dating back many years. We have pitifully few boats to defend our coastline against illegal immigrants and when we do pick some up we bring them ashore, allow them to claim asylum and then help them play our legal system against us.

So, Paul, will UKIP under your leadership grasp the number one nettle that the other parties cannot or will not grasp, namely the full restoration of traditional British freedoms in all the above areas, and not merely the defence but also the advancement of democracy in our country?

Application of the Law

  1. UK Courts to uphold only the laws passed by our United Kingdom parliaments, and answerable only to higher Courts within the United Kingdom
  2. Full freedom of speech
  3. Full freedom of the press (subject to the laws of libel)
  4. Full equality under the law for all people, legal entities, and public bodies
  5. Full and fearless investigation of criminal activity and enforcement of the law within all communities impartially
  6. Only activity (including incitement, harassment, and conspiracy) to be criminalised, motivation (“racist” “hate” etc) to have no legal significance
  7. Strengthen our electoral systems and scrutiny thereof to ensure free and fair elections and to prosecute those who subvert them
  8. Restore our right to trial by a jury of our peers in open court for all potentially life-changing cases, including the removal of children from their parents (Family Courts) and decisions  where a defendant may be deemed to lack mental capacity or may be deprived of their liberty (Court of Protection)
  9. All Family Court and Court of Protection cases to be tried in open court, as this is ultimately the only safeguard against the miscarriage of justice
  10. Full withdrawal from the European Arrest Warrant and renegotiation of our extradition treaty with the USA
  11. No British or Commonwealth citizen or spouse thereof to be treated less advantageously than a citizen of any other country by rules governing immigration to or residence within the United Kingdom
  12. Legally enforceable undertakings to abide by the laws of the United Kingdom as enforced by its Courts to be made by all immigrants. These declarations to explicitly cover those religious or cultural practices that are illegal within the UK but which are associated with the place of origin of the immigrant. They must also acknowledge that the right to vote in an election is exercised by each voter in secret according to his or her own private views and opinions and that it is illegal to instruct or coerce anyone either to vote in a particular way or to reveal how they voted. Serious infractions may result in deportation and/or imprisonment as appropriate.
  13. All immigrants to make a declaration to respect the freedom of all people within the UK (including themselves) to choose or renounce their religious faith and to worship or not as they wish within the law of the UK. Specifically they must acknowledge that blasphemy is not an offence within the UK.

The above will be correctly taken as a declaration of war by the liberal left establishment and must be pressed relentlessly with vigour and determination at all opportunities.

All policies which detract from or are inconsistent with the above will need to be exposed and refuted.


Our armed forces must be properly funded, supported, reconstructed and trained to meet the perceived threats to the Kingdom, with priority given to flexibility and overwhelming adequacy of response.


In the not so recent past, immigration was conducted at manageable levels and we were happy to welcome immigrants in limited numbers, to offer voting rights to the law-abiding and ultimately to grant full citizenship to those who aspire to it. We must now recognise that increasing pressures of immigration, together with the associated demographics of human reproduction and the understandable tendency for immigrants to live within their own communities may eventually, through the ballot box, legitimately impose an intolerant, even Islamic, government here in the UK. The available statistics speak for themselves. The crisis is not imminent but is foreseeable.

The undeniable truth is that Islam in its many variants is a collection of controversial and historically insurgent religious and autocratic polities which may condone, even demand activities that are contrary both to British law, and to our democracy. Their Sharia religious laws were laid down around the 8th and 9th centuries to govern aspects of life as it was lived in those times. Many would contend that they have not moved on and adapted over the intervening centuries.

Islam is built upon the overriding religious imperative of obedience to God’s will and their laws are not subject to democratic change but to interpretation by Muslim scholars. Democracy (where it exists) is subservient to those who interpret God’s will, and is therefore not democracy as we would recognise it.Our democratic tradition is founded upon the responsibility of our citizens to shape our society as they see fit within the law that they through their representatives enact in Parliament. Our values have their origin in Christianity. We cannot allow democracy to become the means by which a religious Parliament could impose upon us a theocratic government rooted in the laws of a past age.

The perception that we are heading towards this political, demographic and cultural crunch already exists and will only grow whilst immigration continues at current levels. Our democracy may face its biggest challenge since the Spanish Armada sought to reconcile the recalcitrant English to Papal authority – but that threat was external and could be decisively neutralised.

This debate is multi-faceted and will not be easy. We must bring the immigrant population itself into this debate in order to foster a joint understanding of what is actually happening and develop a satisfactory solution. The majority of immigrants are surely reasonable people, but we must recognise that the same may not always be true of their future Islamic leaders.

We still have time to do this properly.

Not Required

Finally, please forget about the unwanted devolved parliament for England – we have more serious fish to fry.

Jim Makin, p.p. UKIP East Hampshire Branch Committee,

16th March 2017

[Ed: This memo, which we reproduce slightly abbreviated, was embargoed until today, Monday, 20th March, to give Paul Nuttall the chance to read it first.]

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