Many years ago, I was sitting in a bar in the Caribbean, as yachties are prone to do and in came a couple of US customs officers for a few beers. Before long they were boasting that they had the right to stop and search any vessel in these waters. Another yachty argued that they didn’t have the right to stop and search vessels, they had the power to do it, and so the argument went on into the night.

The above is a very important consideration when trying to decide if we any longer live in a democracy or if we’ve drifted into some kind of undemocratic dictatorship.

Do our politicians have the right to rule over us or do they simply have the power to rule over us?

Let’s look at this a little more closely and start with the track record of successive governments (this list is by no means exhaustive). I think many of us realise by now on UKIP Daily that it was an act of treason by Edward Heath that took us into the European Union. A fact that successive governments since then have refused to acknowledge.

Since we joined a Common Market, a Trojan Horse if ever there was one, that has morphed into an undemocratic dictatorship, our country has been steadily in decline.

Our sovereignty has been eroded to the point of being an ongoing farce. Our borders have been opened, and totally unsustainable amounts of Third World immigration have been allowed.

We’ve had massive trade deficits with the European Union that have amounted to the asset stripping of our country.

National debt has rocketed out of control; and among other things, immigration has put our health and social services under intolerable strain that must surely collapse at some point.

Politicians such as Tony Blair have taken us into war under false pretences; he’s a war criminal and this crime has gone on under the Tories since they came to power.

Since 9/11, in the US there have been many conspiracy theories about governments conducting false flag attacks to sway public opinion. The stories are too numerous to list here but they include not only 9/11 but many so-called terrorist attacks throughout the West.

Looking at conspiracy theories, some are so far-fetched that they seem laughable, others seem to have grains of truth. Truths which for most of us it is more comfortable to ignore, we simply don’t want to believe that we’re being led by such evil people.

Now we have the Skripal case; a case that is being increasingly exposed as fraudulent. Here is an interview with Michael Shrimpton.

‘Michael Shrimpton “The Novichok Agent Used On The Skripal’s DID Come From Porton Down Lab!”‘

I know many of you think that Michael is a bit far-fetched in his ideas, but in this case, I agree with him. There is now information coming out about the Skripal case from many sources, even the Mainstream Media is having to begrudgingly admit that this case is falling apart… it is a fraud. This is the state-sponsored attempted murder of a Russian citizen. We’re going to see this being exposed over the coming weeks and I’ve no doubt that this will be the case.

For the first time: a major Western government has been caught red-handed conducting a False Flag Attack!

The consequences of this are frightening, it has long been suspected that our governments do this sort of thing but now, very likely, we’re going to have proof.

When you consider the possible consequences of Theresa May’s government’s actions, possibly leading to war with Russia, we must wonder just how much contempt that they must have for the people they were elected to supposedly represent. How evil, twisted and depraved are our so-called leaders?

After many decades of rule by LibLabCon governments, here we are, virtually bankrupt, overpopulated, with regular terrorist attacks and racial tensions set to explode at some point in the not too distant future.

Whatever Theresa May’s motive for wanting to stage such a False Flag attack (we can discuss this another time), we now know that they are a reality and it raises some serious questions about not just our government but other Western governments too.

I think that it is fair to say then: our government certainly does not have the right to rule over us and so it is seeking ever more power to rule over us.

The people of our country have been to war many times, but always under our flag and led by our government. Today we must fight to take back our flag and the rights that have been slowly and insidiously usurped from us, possibly a new thing for us in recent times.

So, this is the legacy of the LibLabCon: they’ve left us up s*it creek without a paddle. Our future looks bleak, impoverished, increasingly violent and most likely totalitarian.

I don’t know at the present moment just how we are going to get out of this, but we must face the reality, there probably are no easy solutions though. That things will get very messy I have no doubt.

Certainly, a democratic peaceful solution would be by far the best solution, but it is looking to be increasingly unlikely; things have gone too far, this is the reality we must face.

UKIP is still our best bet politically, if it can get its act together, otherwise I’m glad the Veterans Against Terrorism are here, we may be needing their expertise.

I know the VATs have said that they are committed to pursuing the objectives peacefully, but in life, you don’t always get what you want. Such is life!


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