So to Hampstead Town again – land of liberal luvvies – this time on a Sunday. A crisp day so we set up by the station in the sun. And a member from another branch turned up too – a good sign!

It was a bit slow at first with families drifting by towards the Heath. But then our first insults began – a man, realising who we were, turned back to scream at us – ‘Racists! You lot are far right extremists! Get out of this country!’ I haven’t heard anything quite so rude for awhile… Before we could reply, he rushed off. Then there were a few ‘UKIP? What are you doing round here?’ ‘Are you kidding me’ and so on.  Followed by someone making the sound of vomiting as they walked by – how mature!

But things warmed up shortly after with people on both sides of the argument stopping to chat about what lay ahead for the country; a bit more mature than the – I’m sad to say – white English liberal elite who started the day off. We had a bit of interest from tourists and visitors – American and Italian in particular – who were again interested in what we thought about the so called ‘deal’.

Then a few English of the more ‘hardworking’ variety (working class) stopped to chat – a couple of older people who stood with us for a while and then a family with their grandmother who was very much a UKIP supporter. Some hung around with us as they were interested to see how we were received. Quite a few told us they were surprised but glad to see us as it was hard to talk about Brexit in that area. ‘You’re brave!’ one said to us… At one point we felt surrounded! (but all good – supporters or just interested). One chap ran over from the other side of the street, checked who we were, shook our hands, took a leaflet, and off he went, at first seeming as if he couldn’t believe his eyes… There were many polite people who took a leaflet simply to learn a bit about Brexit – seems sensible to me!

We also exchanged contact details for Branch meetings and possible new members. We were only there for a few hours but had a busy time – it proved to me that it was well worth it. Most were disgusted with Theresa May and the Tories, and the ‘deal’. Everyone feels the turmoil and the deceit.

It doesn’t matter where you go, if there is enough footfall you will find Brexit supporters and potential UKIP members, which is all the more reason for us to be seen out and about. I have so far not regretted one outing into the public domain. 

We are the voice of the silent majority – long may we continue!

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