For the last few days, the MSM across the West have been heaving with reports on the leaked papers from a Panamanian Law firm, Mossack Fonseca. This huge leak has been snappily titled The Panama Papers.

The MSM have been scouring these papers for names relevant to their countries, and people have taken to the streets in Iceland, forcing the resignation of their PM who hid his millions.

Here in the UK, the leaked papers were first used to bash Putin (it was only one of his advisors who used this tax avoidance scheme, but never mind …), and to look at Cameron and his family’s sheltered wealth. Fair enough.

What they didn’t do was looking at who else used the tax shelter amongst the truly super-wealthy. Lo and behold – there’s not just the usual suspect, a certain Mr George Soros, but a lot of other philanthropists – names we’ve come to know when we looked at who is financially supporting all those wonderful NGOs and their activists who are doing their utmost to swamp our and other EU countries with illegal migrants from Africa and the ME. Here’s a report which puts it all on the table.

Strange, isn’t it, how philanthropists see nothing wrong with hiding their wealth and using it to destabilise their own nations and societies which have made them wealthy in the first place, but who don’t seem to be concerned at all about the welfare of their own people in their own countries.

Those organisations, using the schemes provided by that law firm, have sunk below the radar of our MSM. It’s not to be wondered at: after all, supporting “poor refugees” is so very worthy! Never mind that tens of thousands are already poised to cross into Italy from Libya – this report will give you an idea: boats full of ‘women and children’ … all looking pretty male to me, but what do I know! – it’s the self-perceived ‘duty’ of these philanthropists to be philanthropic towards those invaders but not towards their own.

But that’s not all by any means.

Being so gleefully preoccupied with ferreting out the doings of the super-rich, the MSM, with one exception, have made another bit of news vanish: there’s not enough space in the online papers to report on what the EU is doing, see?

It’s the old trick of the MSM, of hiding something nefarious in a welter of salacious stories.

What we’re not meant to spend time on reading and talking about is the fact that the EU Commission is planning to take over the ‘refugee’ dilemma, and enforce their distribution over the heads of EU Governments. The Express reported this, as did one German paper:

Leaked papers have emerged claiming the European Commission is looking to take some power out of member states’ hands. The publication reports moving “responsibility for the processing of asylum claims from the national to the EU level”. This would, the document says, “create a single and centralised decision-making mechanism”.

We do know what this means, do we, if we do not win the OUT vote on June 23rd!

It means that Brussels decides who comes here and there’s nothing we can do about it. Indeed, this is one instance where our government will truly be ‘powerless’. We’d have not just the ‘Jungle’ inhabitants in our midst, because the French, always so excellent at following only those rules they like, would send them over in the twinkling of an eye, no: next will be all those now starting to cross from Libya into Italy. After all, Germany and the rest have their hands full with those coming from Syria, their hands being so full that they don’t have a clue of the whereabouts of half a million people who’ve already come.

While our MSM are slobbering over Cameron’s family’s riches (did anybody really think Cameron grew up in a council house like David Davis did?), they do not touch the ‘philanthropists’ who have financed the ‘No Borders’ initiatives, under whatever names they’ve been operating. They haven’t asked where the money for those organisations and their ‘activists’ have been coming from, they have never looked at where the money for those ‘poor’ migrants is coming from, enabling them to cross the Sahara and find boats, keeping their smartphones and not looking particularly starved. That would be too complicated.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects on the Left are demanding more, stronger, and more restrictive tax laws to ‘squeeze the rich until the pips squeak’, as a former Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer famously said. It doesn’t matter that those super-rich who need the good offices of firms like Mossack Fonseca will of course find ways around any new tax laws!

Of course, as usual, the MSM have disregarded what the EU Commission is proposing do to ‘distribute’ these migrants. They have not grasped that this ‘distribution’ is yet another ploy to take even more control from the EU nation states and their governments and move it to Brussels.

If we lose the vote on June 23rd, we will never again be able to control our borders. It’s no longer just a question of EU nationals going where they get the best welfare deals – it’s a question of being made to take in, house, feed and pay for migrants who will never be able to contribute.

We will simply no longer have any say about this.

There are however two silver linings on the horizon: one is our own determination to vote for BREXIT – the other is the rumbling in the former Warsaw Pact states with their determination to stand up to Brussels. We don’t hear anything about this in our MSM, so I’ll leave you with the conclusions the Czech writer of this blog has reached:

The gap between the sick would-be elite in Brussels on one side and the citizens who live in the real world and who actually understand how it works and what’s needed for it to work on the other side has grown to astronomic dimensions. I’ve been ambiguous about the question whether it’s right for Czechia to leave the EU. My answers have been somewhat similar to the answers of Czechs in the post-Munich era and perhaps the early Nazi occupation – it’s still possible to live here and the alternative has many disadvantages.

But it’s obvious that if someone outside Czechia gained the power to invite basically unlimited and growing masses of immigrants and distribute them across Europe and even in my country, we would be far beyond the threshold and the departure from the EU would become a ‘must’.

Indeed so!

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