This is a follow up to my previous article from September 24.


The pantomime dress rehearsals have begun folks and all the actors and actresses are memorising their lines in time for the big show.

We now have three scenarios flying around now, Canada++, Chequers and No Deal.

The so-called Tory Brexiteers are falling behind the Canada++ deal and providing deliberate distraction to the oblivious public.

May is still pushing the ‘Chequers is the only option’ narrative. This is the deal, I believe, that’s been long agreed already with the EU.

May has already rejected the Canada style deal.

That just leaves ‘No Deal’ or May’s total EU capitulation, I mean, the Chequers deal.

Ms. Miller continues her shenanigans in Northern Ireland. In the Telegraph, Charles Moore correctly reports that the Northern Ireland issue is just about keeping us in the EU. He’s wrong though when he says: “Mrs May is being outwitted by the European Commission.”

The point is May isn’t being ‘outwitted’, she is playing her part directly from the pre-written script and she’s doing a damn fine job. May has no intention to deliver Brexit.

The MSM are now pushing the narrative that the EU are ‘cracking’, under May’s pressure.

Sure enough, wheeled out by the MSM to make the fairy-tale believable are both Junker and Tusk. Now a deal appears imminent and the Telegraph claims:

“The offer from Brussels, which will be put to British negotiators on Wednesday, is said to contain ‘30 to 40 per cent’ of the demands made in Mrs May’s Chequers proposal.”

These comments, reading between the lines, suggests the EU will demand further concessions on top of the Chequers capitulation. Further concessions was already predicted by Asa Bennett. We have now gone from a BRINO deal to a BRINO++ deal.

The May/Remain/EU panto is word perfect, nobody is fluffing their lines. The only possible concessions left are either scrapping Brexit entirely, delaying the exit date or promising to have a ‘People’s Vote’ second referendum on the deal. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Make no mistake folks, the deal is already done, that’s clear. We are at endgame.

If the UK leaves on a ‘No Deal’ the EU project is toast, they won’t let this happen. The EU can’t afford a deregulated, competitive UK on its doorstep either.

May now needs to get this through Parliament. Her only major remaining obstacles are, the Tory grass-roots, the DUP and the Labour Party.

Selling her lemon to the Tory faithful has already been addressed. The threat of a General Election and Comrade Corbyn will keep the spineless Tories in line, not to mention a majority of Remain Tory MPs.

The DUP will be more tricky; the MSM are pushing the Corbyn ‘Big Bad Wolf’ threat onto them, but the DUP stance is clear. Clearly Remain and May are turning-the-screw on the DUP,  this probably explains Gina Miller’s visit to Newry, and Patrick Kielty stirring the pot. The old ‘Border Poll’ threat will no doubt be rearing its ugly head again soon to panic the Unionists into compliance.

The last obstacle will be the Labour Party. May however, has begun canvassing her Chequers deal. Clearly she expects a DUP and Tory backbench push back and wants to negate this by getting as big a majority as possible. The Blairite Labour MPs won’t be a problem, especially if the Customs Union & Single Market is on offer.

This could all come down to Corbyn and what he wants. Does he want to stay in the EU or the keys to #10 more?

This reminds me of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown over the UK joining the Euro.

The chance to humiliate May and break her weak Tory government may be too much of a temptation for him to resist. After all he can always promise a second referendum or to join the EEA in his next manifesto anyway.

Fingers crossed someone fluffs their lines.

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