Panto season has officially arrived early in the UK: 

May goes to Merkel and reveals her ‘deal’ before her cabinet see the ‘deal’.

Merkel agrees to the deal, as do the EU chiefs.

May then says she needs them to reject the deal initially, and make it look as horrible and humiliating as possible so she can pass her BRINO deal through Parliament and get public support with a sympathy vote.

The EU agree to do this in September, and agree to accept the amended ‘deal’ in November.

May goes back to the EU with her already agreed ‘deal’ and they push back, as agreed, in humiliating fashion. The compliant UK MSM spin this as poor May ambushed then stabbed in the back by the EU after offering a reasonable, sensible ‘deal’ (in reality a completely bad, capitulating deal that no sane negotiator would offer when the other side have made no concessions at all).

May rolls out the press conference, retorting the EU needs to accept her ‘deal’ as it is the only viable option. Again she is trying to sell a this false narrative.

Fingers are pointed at the EU, fingers are pointed at May’s ‘advisors’ capability, boos ring out from the audience at the EU ‘bad guys’.

Suddenly May is spun as a Neo-Boudicca, standing up from Britain, and demanding ‘respect’.

In reality, her position has not altered!

May then returns to the EU, as planned, there is some ‘hard negotiation’ to go on until 4am in the morning. At 8am May calls for a press announcement, and she, with Barnier and Tusk at her side, appears as planned on stage, to cheers and rapture from the MSM. The ‘deal’ is done.

The Remain and ‘People’s Vote’ campaigns grudgingly concede defeat to May, still complaining the deal is bad (on that I agree).

In reality we have BRINO, real Brexit is dead and the public don’t even let out a squeak. The EU, and the globalists never had any intention in fulfilling Brexit and letting us go. The transition deal runs to 2025, then pressure grows for a second referendum on re-joining the EU. Re-join wins, the UK gives up the Pound, and we are there till the EU collapses like the Soviet empire.

Ok, you get the idea.

The negotiation has been a wilful betrayal from day one. I know it, and most Kippers know it, but the public need to know it.

In reality it never was a negotiation to begin with. It was an attempt to keep the status quo by deliberate obfuscation.

In this sense May has been a perfect negotiator for both remain and her EU masters. As Home Secretary she had more lives than a cat, and still managed to survive countless political disasters.

The key selling point is making the ‘deal’ look like a negotiation and enforce this narrative by using the MSM to spin this to the public.

The MSM duly complied and portrayed the EU as the pantomime ‘Big Bad Wolf’. The Remainers have been providing faux opposition to May’s ‘Chequers deal’ since the beginning. They have manipulated the language in true Orwellian fashion. Firstly they coined the term ‘hard Brexit’. The phrase is a clever reverse negative, that even ‘Big Brother’ would have been proud of.

Secondly, they offered a ‘People’s Vote’, when the people have never demanded a vote to begin with and in fact overwhelmingly supported leave parties in the last GE.

In the Daily Mail, Damien Green described events as, “I thought she was channelling Margaret Thatcher.” Please, do us a favour … !

Labour are now seemingly going to back a second referendum, this will be a colossal error on their part. The perpetual fence sitter Mr. Corbyn may have made his last mistake (see here).

I fear we are well and truly in the post-democratic age and it does not bode well. Blocking Brexit would be the end of democracy in the UK.

Lets remember the chilling warning of JFK:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


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