The electoral Commission yesterday declared “Vote Leave” as the designated lead campaign group for the OUT campaign, giving them thus access to £ 7 million. To many, this came as a shock, given the huge work of ‘Grassroots Out’.

Here’s a look at how the papers report on this decision, with the usual spin:

Daily Mail

Nigel Farage snubbed as rival Vote Leave is appointed as official Brexit campaign… but his group immediately launches legal challenge, which could DELAY June’s vote

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has been snubbed by the elections watchdog this afternoon after the rival Vote Leave group was appointed as the official Brexit campaign.His Grassroots Out (GO) campaign lost out to Vote Leave, which is backed by the five pro-Brexit Cabinet ministers and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.It also has more cross-party support than GO, with support from Tories, Labour MPs and Ukip’s Douglas Carswell, which helped it win the official campaign designation. The decision is significant because it means the group will be allowed a higher spending limit than Mr Farage’s group when the official referendum campaign begins on Friday. But the Electoral Commission immediately faced the prospect of a legal challenge over the decision, which could force the June 23 referendum to be delayed.

Spot the spin – anything to do down Nigel Farage … and to elevate the ‘chosen one’, a certain Boris J. … It can however be reported quite differently:


Now the battle for Britain begins: Crusade to quit EU takes huge leap forward

THE crusade for an EU exit took a historic step forward last night as Eurosceptic campaigners pledged to work together in the battle to free Britain from Brussels rule. Competing Brexit groups promised to put their differences aside and build a mass movement to quit in the run up to the in-or-out referendum on June 23. The new mood of unity came after Vote Leave – the organisation backed by senior Westminster figures including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – was chosen as the official “leave” campaign for the momentous vote. Supporters of Grassroots Out, a rival umbrella group that lost out in the tussle for official designation, vowed to continue its campaign in a spirit of co-operation with Vote Leave. Ukip leader Nigel Farage, a supporter of Grassroots Out, last night congratulated Vote Leave, insisting both groups could work together for the goal of an independent UK.

It can come as no surprise that an IN-supporting paper not only shuffles the report way down to the inside, but uses photos of both Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson to make quite clear on which side the are standing – a media ploy beloved by The Left:


Vote Leave named as official Brexit campaign in EU referendum

The Electoral Commission has announced that Vote Leave has been designated as the official lead campaign urging Britain to leave the European Union in the run-up to the June referendum.The decision will allow the group to spend up to £7m it has raised itself, and it will also be given £600,000 of taxpayers’ money to spend on the administration costs of running a campaign. It will also be able to send one leaflet to every home in Britain – although the government has infuriated Brexit campaigners by sending its own publicly funded leaflet already.Vote Leave, which has the support of cabinet ministers and prominent Conservatives including Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Chris Grayling, and is chaired by the Labour MP Gisela Stuart, had been widely expected to be anointed as the lead group.

‘Widely expected’ – inside the Westminster Establishment perhaps, but not out here in the sticks. Reading the whole report is a useful exercise if one wants to see in exemplary fashion how to spin news.

it can however be done differently, as shown in this report – sort of!


Vote Leave designated as official EU referendum Out campaign

The campaign group Vote Leave has been designated the official campaign in favour of leaving the European Union, the Electoral Commission has said.The title, which bring with it public funding and media platforms, had been contested between a number of groups.The official election watchdog announced the decision on Wednesday afternoon after months of squabbling between the campaigns. […] Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who had backed GO, looked to build bridges saying his party would work with anyone who wanted to leave the EU.”I have always wanted all on the Leave side to come together and have done my best to try and make this happen. I’ll continue to do so in the run up to the referendum to ensure the Leave side wins,” he said.

Yes of course – in the Metropolis, the statesman-like statement by Nigel Farage, which was published immediately, only ‘looks like’ building bridges, it’s of course not the real thing. But somehow we expected that sort of comment.

One has to delve very deeply indeed into the innards of the paper below to find the report about the decision of the Electoral Commission, a decision which affects us all come June 23rd. This was a ‘live blog’, and thus ends with the statement by Arron Banks:


EU referendum could be delayed until October as rival Brexit campaign considers legal challenge to Michael Gove’s Vote Leave winning official status

Failed leave campaign decries ‘political stitch-up’ and threatens legal challenge within daysA leading figure in the group that failed to become the lead Out campaign has called the decision a “political stitch-up” and pledged to challenge it legally within days. Speaking after the announcement, Arron Banks, the founder of Leave.EU which is one of the groups comprising GO Movement, confirmed he would now be seeking a judicial review to the decision. The comments come after Mr Banks had told The Telegraph before the announcement that he would consider a legal challenge. Asked if he would seek now judicial review, Mr Banks told The Telegraph: “Definitely. We are going to see lawyers now. We think they haven’t applied the criteria they should have.”When asked if the move was just “sour grapes” for failing to get the nomination, he responded: “It is not right. We have over a million supporters, [Vote Leave] have nobody but a few Tory politicians. … This is a political stitch-up.”On the impact of the decision on the EU referendum campaign, Mr Banks said: “It becomes an internal squabble in the Conservative Party, doesn’t it? Do we really think Gove and Boris are going to go at it with the Conservative Party? They are one and the same, it is a stitch-up. “The bottom line is we’re going to judicially review it and we will go at it 100 per cent. The net effect is that it will probably delay the referendum. “The process has been despicable. They have been saying they stitched it up with the Electoral Commission. We got nearly a million supporters.“We’ve got Ukip, the main campaigning force behind the referendum, and they’ve given it to a bunch of Tories to basically have an internal fight with themselves. It’s crazy … It is a disgrace.”

Whatever happens next – we’ll keep on working for BREXIT, vigorously, everywhere. Remember: it’s not an election, it’s not about Farage v Johnson v Cameron, it’s about our survival as a Nation. So in this case, we really are all in it together – or else.



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