A mixed bag of news the Sunday before Christmas

The Telegraph

Labour: We must ‘do God’ to fight anti-Christian persecution

European Union funding £90m green lobbying con

We’ve heard enough from Anjem Choudary

The Prime Minister wouldn’t say no to another deal with the Lib Dems

Cameron lives in more hope than Clegg. The Liberal Democrat vote has been decimated and UKIP have replaced them as the third party.

The Independent

‘Megrahi was my friend. He did not kill my daughter’: Lockerbie father says the British government is not telling the truth about the bombing

Middle East leader of the year? You’d be surprised…

Former government adviser believes warnings of extremist attacks were ignored

Hungry in Cameron’s Cotswolds: Beyond the 4x4s and classy shops of the PM’s own constituency, a food bank is alarmingly busy

What’s the betting that tomorrow or Christmas Eve we get a grip and grin with him in that food bank and the announcement of “an initiative” to combat rural food poverty.

The Guardian

Bulgaria issues fierce rebuke to David Cameron over migrants

Average unemployment 13%, youth unemployment 28%, the Bulgarians will be ecstatic to lose that welfare burden to us.

Charities condemn Iain Duncan Smith for food bank snub

Nigel Farage embroiled in row over lack of leadership

Fifty new nuclear plants could be goal in official energy plans

The Mail

Bombshell memo: Ex-BBC chief agreed £500k payoff to ‘Queen in a huff’ friend

Speak out – or say goodbye to Christianity

The Girl Guides who refuse to give up on God: Troop who face disbanding because they don’t believe in a new secular motto

Britain’s new ‘no go’ areas… to warn off Roma rough sleepers: How exclusion zone targets epicentre of Romanian and Bulgarian influx

The towns braced for a 20 per cent rise in population in just 10 years: Population boom looks certain to engulf South

Lots of immigration impact stories in the Mail, but nothing more on Victoria Ayling.

The Express

Top UK Hospital for Neurology loses funding, Jeremy Hunt must act ‘before lives are lost’

Lee Rigby ‘colleges’ of hate face financial penalties

Police raid HQ of ‘gun gang’ running Calais trafficking

Hampshire district named most desirable place to live in UK for third year running

For how much longer? It’s only a 30 minute train ride from Waterloo

The Mirror

A bit of sensation to kick this one off:

Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebolajo drugged and raped me at 14: Victim tells of her ordeal

John Prescott on Lord Hanningfield: Let’s stop the clock on bad apple peers

Hard-up Metropolitan Police splurge almost £5MILLION on luxury flights while 800 officers are axed

Log on to Compare The Market and get other people’s personal details – Sunday People exposes security risk


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