This is an annus horribilis for Paris: Charlie Hebdo in January, and with terrible symmetry the killings last night. Words are not enough to describe my shock and anger.

The establishment politicians in the EU, and of course the US President, are giving us the usual bland statements with the usual ‘standing shoulder-to-shoulder’ and ‘this has nothing to do with Islam’. Of course, the establishment hacks are also already off the starting blocks with their pleas that there must be no islamophobic backlash, please not, even though there has never been such ‘backlash’, not in Madrid and London in 2005, not in Paris in January 2015.

The newest ‘explanation’ heard on the BBC was that this is the revenge of ISIS because France is ‘standing with the USA’, fighting ISIS, and Russia had that airplane destroyed because of their involvement.

One cannot fail but hear the subliminal plea from all those talking: politicians, hacks, and ‘analysts’, that we must lie down and let ISIS and other islamic jihadis do what they like because otherwise more such attacks would happen.

Yeah right … because especially in Paris this year that worked so well, with millions demonstrating in January. The result of this we’ve seen last night!

What else does it need for those in power in our countries to understand that we are in a war? Jihad means war, and no amount of leftie re-interpretation, no amount of ‘dawa’*), no amount of verbal appeasement will change this. Why is this so hard to accept?

We have often pointed out here that the time for mealy-mouthed, weasel-worded, softly-softly appeasement is over. Do we need even more proof, more people killed in our cities?

It is ridiculous to tell us yet again that those murderous attacks in our own countries and cities are just some sort of mistake, that they are ultimately our own fault, and that everything will be fine if we just submit and do nothing, except a ‘peaceful’ demo yet again?

It is not credible that the establishment politicians do not know this – they do, but between appeasing muslims and kow-towing to the leftie-MSM they are in dereliction of their duties to us, the people they have sworn to protect. It’s time for us to hold them accountable!

So what about the ‘refugees’ who have been flocking into the EU since summer, on the invitation of Madame Merkel, given that some analysts are now pointing out that this attack was militarily planned, and probably executed by ISIS people coming to France from the Middle East? Will we see repatriations on a massive scale now?

I’m not holding my breath …

One assumes that now no amount of appeasement by politicians and left-wing hacks will prevent backlashes, certainly not in France, where there’s a tradition of robust protest.

One also assumes that it’ll now become possible to empty the ‘camp’ at Calais, and that other EU countries will take measures to send all these ‘refugees’ back. The citizens here and in other countries won’t stand for appeasement and doing nothing.

Why not ask our politicians and hacks how come hardly anything is reported on the war waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, how come that such jihadi attacks are not taking place in Saudi Arabia – and how come that we in the EU must take in muslim ‘refugees when a permanent tent city for 1 million people is available in Mecca …

Is it not finally obvious that this jihad, as so many muslims have said again and again, is a war against us, the West, as prescribed by their religion, and has nothing to do with what we in the West are doing and have been doing?

What else is needed to bring TPTB to their sense? A similar attack in London and Berlin?

Appeasement didn’t win us WWI and WWII, appeasement does not win wars, not now not ever!

It’s time to take the jihadis at their word: it is war, a war they are forcing on us, have been forcing on us. It’s time we start defending ourselves.

I’ll leave you with two toughts:

  • The millions demonstrating in Paris and elsewhere, saying “Je suis Charlie” were wonderfully effective in appeasing jihadis, weren’t they? (#sarc)
  • Marine Le Pen will now become Madame President in 2017, I confidently predict.


*) “dawa” is explaining to unbelievers how wonderful Islam is, it’s a duty for every muslim.

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