Further to my last missive about Parliament and the need for a Cromwellian figure head to drain the swamp, further issues have arisen within a very few days that have exacerbated greatly my thinking and further underlined my point of view (you can read the previous article here).

Tommy Robinson is a figure who is gaining support with working class people from everyday walks of life. He is garnering a following that is growing. He has had over a million likes on his facebook page. The establishment are clearly worried about this man and his followers. The rise of populism across Europe is a salutary warning to those in command of the country that they should for sure heed and heed it well.

If the  established political parties fail the public who vote for them. If there is a growing and confirmed total mistrust of those in power you can be sure that someone will come along and take up the cause, they will be seen as a champion and people will flock to them and their popularism will soar. Quite clearly throughout the country and especially within the Labour heartlands of the North West and East this mistrust and political homelessness is soaring.

This week (23rd October) Mr Robinson was due to attend the Old Bailey court to hear charges of contempt of court. The fact that the Old Bailey was the setting for this lowly charge is enough to signal just how worried the establishment are. The `Bailey` is normally the setting for murder trials, serious complicated fraud and terrorism. Not normally given to a simple contempt of court. 2000 people gathered to support this campaigner. The press would report a couple of hundred. The press are given to describe Mr Robinson always as the ex- leader of the far right EDL and as a far right ex- football hooligan.

The case was adjourned and referred to the Attorney General. After speaking to his supporters. Mr Robinson was invited to lunch within the house of lords along with Ukip Leader Mr Gerard Batten by Lord Pearson the Ukip Peer. The Sun and other media would describe it as a `boozy lunch`. It is quite clear that this is a stretch of the truth.

What has caused me the greatest concern though is what took place the following day (24th October) in Parliament. In a point of order during Prime Minister’s Questions, Scottish SNP MP Stewart McDonald asked that the speaker John Bercow raise with his counter-part in the House of Lords the fact that the lunch took place. Mr McDonald, basking in the protection of Parliamentary privilege, called Mr Robinson a  “violent, racist thug and fraudster”. He went on to disparage him in many ways. He referred to the fact that he had set up and founded the EDL (English Defence League) he claimed that he organised violent thuggish crimes around the country and that he stirred up racial hatred.

Strong words and in many ways libelous outside the protection of the parliamentary seat he enjoys. However that is not the worst of it. Mr Bercow, himself under considerable pressure for his behavior and leadership as the Speaker went on to, in my opinion, further demonstrate fully and completely why he is totally unfit for the office he holds.

Make no mistake: if you look around the world at parliaments in say Canada, Australia, even Holyrood and the Welsh Senedd, even the Congress and House of representatives in the USA they are boring compared to the total theatre that is Parliament. People from all over the world tune into the pure theatrical pantomime that is Prime Minister’s Questions. Only we the British can do this and boy do we do it well! Therefore the office of Speaker, the respect for that position within the Westminster Parliament and the requirements of duty, hold the post holder to greater scrutiny. The Speaker has to be above reproach and, most important of all, impartial.

I was therefore disgusted by the Speaker when he said “Mr Robinson is a loathsome, obnoxious and repellent individual”. Really ? is this the behavior and language that the Speaker of the house of commons should use about a British Citizen ? I am no big supporter of Mr Robinson as I have alluded to in previous articles. He is though a citizen of the British Isles, he is English. He has been previously convicted of varying offences but at this present time he is on bail, for what can reasonably be described as an establishment fit up.

Has Mr Bercow ever met with and spoken with Mr Robinson by which he could have possibly arrived at his conclusion? I doubt it. He has to be held accountable therefore by someone for this outburst whilst standing at the Speaker`s Chair within the hallowed House of Commons. This cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

I would also note that other prominent members of the House of Commons have invited very questionable people for tea. Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the Labour party invited for tea in 1984 the leader of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams just weeks after the IRA blew up the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the Conservative conference. Their intention was to wipe out and murder the elected government of the United Kingdom. They nearly succeeded.

He also invited a group of Islamist extremists to Parliament prior to becoming leader of the Labour Party. These included Daud Abdullah who called for attacks on the Royal Navy and boycotted the Holocaust Memorial and  Muhammad Sawalha who represented Hamas on a Russian visit. In a separate meeting Corbyn is photographed with Abdel Bari Atwan who said he would “dance with delight in Trafalgar Square if Iran attacked Israel”.

Where is the disdain and contempt for these parliamentary meetings from SNP MP McDonald and the Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr Bercow? You will not find any.

Parliament is descending into a shambles, an amoral cesspit . A lawless place much like the rest of the country. Some people in high office are contemptible in their behaviour toward, and condescension to the people that elected them. Mark you, their days are numbered.   



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