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The liberal internationalist

Liberal internationalist  ideology  is diametrically opposed to  what Nature  has decreed. As  mentioned previously,  it  states that homo sapiens is a single species whose  atoms, the individual human being,  are interchangeable.  For the liberal internationalist discrimination is the dirtiest of words  and a word which he interprets to the point of  reductio ad absurdum.

That is the theory. In practice, the liberal internationalist  complains of discrimination only when it affects those who it includes within the protective embrace of political correctness. Most perversely, this attitude frequently results in members of a majority actively discriminating against their own people.  Nowhere is this behaviour seen more  sharply than in the attitude of the British elite towards the English to whom they deny any political voice – a privilege granted to the other parts of the UK – and  actively abuse them by representing English national feeling  as a dangerous thing.

The liberal left internationalists may have  made truly immense efforts to portray nations as outmoded relics at best and barbarous survivals from a less enlightened past at worst, but despite their best (or worst) efforts, they have  not  changed the natural feelings of people because these feelings derive from the general biological imperative common to  all social animals: the need to develop behaviours that enhance the utility of the group.

But if  an elite have not destroyed the naturally patriotic feelings of the people they rule, they have tainted them by suppressing  their public expression through  the use of the criminal law  (law relating to incitement to racial hatred ) and  civil law (law relating to unfair dismissal through racial discrimination)  and by the ruthless enforcement of their liberal-left  ideology throughout  politics, public service, academia, the schools, major private  corporations  and the mainstream media. So successful have they been that rarely does any native dissent about immigration and its consequences enter the public realm, while it is now impossible for anyone in a senior position in any public organisation or private organisations with a quasi-public quality, for example, large charities and companies , without religiously observing the current elite ideology, which has solidified into what is now called political correctness. The consequence is that people have developed the mentality common in totalitarian regimes that certain feelings, however natural, are dangerous and should be the subject of self censorship.  People still have the feelings, but they are withdrawn from public conversation and increasingly from private discourse.voltaire who rules you

It is important to understand that even the most vociferous liberal does not believe in his or her heart of hearts that humanity is a single indivisible entity whose atoms (the individual) are in practice interchangeable. They wish it were so, but  know it is not so.  However, the ideologically committed continue to live in hope that minds and behaviours can be changed by what they  are wont to call “education”,  for which read indoctrination.  The rest go along with the idea because it has been built into the structure of the elite, and the doubters prize ambition and their membership of the elite above honesty.

Incredible as it may seem to those who witness their public posturing, liberal internationalists experience the same fears as everyone else, an unsurprising fact because they have  the same biological template. This is what drives them to  live in a manner that is directly at odds with their professed ideology. Look at the life of white liberals, and you will find that they arrange their lives so that they live in very white, and in England, very English worlds.  They do this in two ways. They either live in an area which is overwhelmingly white – the “rightest of right-on” folk singers Billy Bragg  chooses to live in the “hideously white” county of Dorset – or a gentrified white enclave is created on the outskirts of an area such as Islington, which has a significant ethnic content to its population. The latter tactic allows the white liberal to luxuriate in the faux belief that they are “living the diversity dream”, whilst in reality, encountering little if any of  the “joy of diversity” they are  so vocally enthusiastic about.

These people socialise in worlds which are almost entirely white. (The  drippingly wet PC BBC presenter Adrian Chilles described in 2003 how he realised this when he looked at his wedding photographs which were taken only a few years before.  With a guest list of several hundred he was unable to find  a single non-white face staring out at him.) The  only ethnic minorities they have equal or extended contact with are those they meet in their work, ethnics who are middle class and westernised. They will also be few in number, for even the workplace of the white liberal will generally be very white.

How to move from multiculturalism to patriotism

Russia-is-not-EuropeIt is of course impossible to consciously force someone to be patriotic, but there is no need to because the natural instinct of human beings is to be patriotic.  All that needs to be done is to remove the constraints  placed on national expression by the liberal internationalists and the natural instincts will re-assert themselves . That  can be done by  the political elite changing their tune towards a defence of the nation and the nation state. Let the political rhetoric alter, and the public mood will soon swing towards the  patriotic.

All  treaties which restrict the power of a government to act in the national context must be thrown away. In the case of Britain that means leaving the EU and  repudiating treaties such as the UN Convention on Refugees and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The institutionalisation of political correctness within public service must be destroyed, both by  dismissing all those employed explicitly to enforce such views (who are de facto political commissars) and  by repealing all laws that both provide powers for officials  and those that restrict free expression.  I say political correctness in its entirety because the various strands of political correctness support each other, most notably in the general attack on “discrimination”.  Leave anything of the “discrimination” culture intact, and it will be used to bring in multiculturalism by the back door. It would also require many of the de facto political commissars to be left in office.

Public office, both that held by politicians and officials, should be restricted to those with four  grandparents and two parents as nationals born and bred.  This should be done to prevent any lack of  focus because of the danger of divided national loyalties.

Mass  immigration must be ended.  Immigrants in a country illegally should be removed in short order where that can be done. Where possible, those legally in a country  who cannot or will not assimilate fully, should be  re-settled in their countries of their national origin or the national origin of their  ancestors or in  other countries where they will be in the racial/ethnic majority.  Those who are in a country legally but who do not have essential scarce skills which cannot be supplied  by the native population, should be sent back to their countries of origin – there would be few from countries who could not be returned because they  would  be definitely identifiable as coming from a country and few countries will refuse to receive one of their nationals even if they do not have  a passport.

A  written constitution is a must, otherwise any change  to remedy matters will be vulnerable to reversal. Such a reversal could be thwarted, as far as these things can ever be thwarted,  by  placing  a bar on what a government may do. That should include prohibitions on the signing of treaties which restrict national sovereignty and mass immigration, provisions for the protection of strategic industries and the restriction of public office to born and bred nationals and a clear statement that the nation state exists to privilege its members over those of foreigners. Most importantly, there  should be an absolute right to free expression for that is the greatest dissolver of elite abuse and general chicanery.

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