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Considering the attacks by ISIS and similar jihadists, there appears to a pattern to the location of attacks. They appear to form an arrow shape, extending from northern Iraq, through Turkey, through Europe to London. The side arms of the arrow have one end in Nice and the other in Berlin. Both were attacked in the same way – a lorry driven through a crowd, as a mirror image. The line connecting Nice to London includes Lyon, Paris, and Rouen. The line from Berlin to London has yet to be filled in. Speculatively there might be a mirror image of the Paris attack, maybe an attack at a pop concert in The Hague, or Essen.


It is possible that the location of these attacks is making this arrow shape purely by chance. Indeed there is one jihadist attack which does not conform to this pattern at all.  This is the attack at the public meeting at which the cartoonist Lars Vilks was to give a lecture. The location was Copenhagen, significantly far from the arrow lines. However, it may be that the significance of the target was so great that other considerations were less important. The target was time constrained as well as geographic location constrained.  Other targets, such as a pop concert, a football stadium, a nightclub, or a Christmas market are not geographically constrained, the jihadists can find such targets in any city.   However, if the arrow shape is correctly interpreted, it seems that ISIS is trying to send a message that Europe is under attack.  And particularly at risk is the UK, which is regarded as the Lesser Satan, the United States being the Great Satan. Can we expect a mass casualty attack? This is what the arrow is suggesting.


Some attacks which clearly have a jihadi motivation do not seem to fit in with either the date and/or the location patterns. Why do these attacks not fit the patterns?  We need to examine these individually to try to work out why they do not fit. They include:

  • Copenhagen. Specific target – anti-Islam cartoonist. It is not on the arrow shape. This was clearly a significant target, however it was constrained by location and by date.
  • Ankara. Specific target. In a sacred month, however it is on the arrow shape. A large protest rally “Labour, Peace and Democracy” which was on a specific date with the potential for many casualties. The target was too tempting for the jihadis not to attack, even though the date was not ideal for them.
  • Zvornik attack.  This was carried out in a sacred month by an individual attacker. He was forced to attack immediately as the security forces were closing in on him, his fellow jihadists had already been arrested. Of course there was no time to wait for a suitable date.
  • A disturbed individual who had only recently been discharged from a mental hospital. His attack had limited extent, and such an individual would clearly not be thinking beyond his immediate environment, and so would not be expected to wait for a particular date or go to a particular location. Individuals such as this fortunately are not very effective.

At the time of writing (7th April 2017) there has been an attack using a lorry in Stockholm.  It does not fit the geographic pattern, nor does it fit the date pattern, it is in the sacred month Rajab. At the moment it is too soon to understand why that is, there could be a number of reasons.


As shown in part 1, the preplanned jihadist attacks occur in non-sacred months, and this is entirely in accordance with the specific instructions in the Koran. Politicians really should stop lying that these terrorist attacks have nothing to do with Islam, when clearly they have everything to do with Islam.

In part 2 the locations of attacks were plotted on a map.  Discounting those attacks by Kurdish separatists and those which were constrained, and those which were clearly not planned at all, a striking pattern emerges.  It is in the shape of an arrow. If this really is true and not purely a statistical chance, then it clearly indicates that there is some central planning.  The supposed lone wolf attackers are probably not lone wolves at all, but are receiving their instructions from a mastermind.


Islamic terrorism is a terrible thing. For those killed and those with life changing injuries it is devastating. For their families and friends things will never be the same again. Those who witness the attacks will bear lifelong mental scars. Nevertheless it is a relatively small number of people who are directly affected. Fewer than those killed and injured in road accidents, and yet life goes on. As long as we ourselves are the lucky sheep, hopefully the wolf will pick on somebody else. This is wrongheaded thinking, it assumes that some sheep manage to escape, in the longer timescale they do not.

Demographic changes are far more deadly, and on current trends western civilisation will not survive. Probably Islam will dominate sometime in the latter half of the 21st century in the UK and in western Europe. It is difficult to give an exact date when Muslims become the majority, there are too many unknowns to calculate it accurately. However it is highly likely that children born in the UK today at some time in their life will be given the option to convert or die, or escape if there is anywhere left to escape to. Or if they are lucky and Islam is securely in control they may be able to live as a dhimmi. If you want this to be the fate of your child or your grandchild, then go ahead, do nothing. Otherwise do something.  Right now is the time to do something, not tomorrow or next week. Even if all you do is to forward the link to this article to your friends and relatives, that is a start!

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